The Old Man

September 19, 2008
By alexandra foster, Boise, ID

Once upon a story there was an old man who hated the sun and always had. He wouldn’t go outside. He even had curtains in his house to cover the light from outside. The only light that came in his house was the light from under the front door and a little from the windows. He even had a maid go and get his food and stuff he needed.

Well one day the maid was killed in an accident and the news was not told to the old man. The old man waited and waited then he got so hungry that he called a new maid. The new maid came and hated the old man. After 2 months she finally said to the old man “go outside now!” and he said “I have never been outside and never will!” He said. The maid said to the old man after an hour or so “why not? She asked. But he didn’t reply to the maid. The maid said to her self quietly enough so the old man couldn’t here her “I shall put him outside when he is asleep.” The next mourning the old man found himself outside and he started to SCREAM!!!

He ended up firing the maid. He said that he would never have a maid again in his life. A year later he died of heat stroke. Nobody knew what really happened but that is what his family said that it was the maids fault for making him go outside. The man didn’t live near anyone. So they didn’t have proof that that is what happened.

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