September 19, 2008
By Maggie Maness, Boise, ID

It was so unfair why did I have to go to Australia just for stealing a loaf of bread at the market? Thought Cameron. Cameron’s real name was really Gabriella Koreen; but she changed it to Cameron because in her society a man was far more superior than a woman. Especially since she lived on the streets in the alleys in between brick buildings . Around there the streets were full of garbage and occasionally poets and artists trying to find a place to sleep while their creating their newest piece of work. It all happened when she was trudging down the street and she walked by a stand selling fresh bread. She remembered she hadn’t eaten in over five days. She thought to herself, maybe they won’t notice if I just take one. She went and looked at the bread as if she actually had the money for it. Then she grabbed one and ran as fast as she could bumping into and shoving people and then she ran into a guard. He grabbed her arm and yelled” follow me.” Now here I am on a ship on its way to Australia!

Gliding through the water the prisoner ship went on its way to Australia. Cameron sat alone on the deck thinking about what the new village would be like and if she would make it there. She had heard it took over a year to get there and that some weren’t able to live through the cold winter while crossing over the ocean. Cameron had brought her journal her mother gave her before she died and she decided to write about her journey as a prisoner. The water looks cold and icy, sometimes the water splashes me and it just takes my breath away. She wrote silently. This ship is like a giant monster lurking casting its huge shadow on the small fish below. Creaking as it moves giving me Goosebumps when it welcomes the wind into the bunk room with its eerie growl.

She woke up to men shouting order and heavy footsteps moving and swerving all around her as if she were just a big boulder in a path. She stood up and eyed her surroundings. She recognized some of the men on the deck for it had been a few months since she’d last seen England. She figured the women were in the bunk room sewing; Cameron rather disliked sewing for she felt it was boring and dull. She would much rather spend her time in the crows nest drawing the beautiful scenery or in the evenings playing poker with the men even though none of them had any money.

After a few months it started get cold and people were getting a little worried. The seasons changed about as fast as the temperature dropped one day it was fall the next it was winter and it had started to rain. Cameron awoke one morning with a terrible fever and decided to write about it in her journal. I awoke just this morning feeling faint and horribly feverish. I’m guessing I won’t make it through the winter as I feared. I think I got this cold from being scurvy and freezing in the night. I feel I must record this because if I don’t I won’t be remembered for this may be the very last time I write in this journal.
After a painful winter filled with nausea and colorful red dreams Cameron got over her illness. She decided to write about how excited she was that she made it, I thought today was going to be another horrible day upon this ship when I first woke up but surprisingly I felt fine not perfect but better then I did when I awoke the other day. And just in time because a few weeks later they finally made it to Australia.

As they got off the ship people came to see them and to beg the sailors for food but they only had a little to offer. Cameron was used to people looking ragged because she lived on the streets but when she got to the small village she was surprised at how uncivilized it was. Wow, she thought, these people used to live in a town and were fairly civilized but know they live in tiny shacks. The homes were tiny and all the crops were dead and the people were half starved. She decided she was going to be the person to change this place. Cameron went up to a group of people and introduced herself, the people just walked away and went into the houses. It seemed as though the people were going to be stubborn. She went right to work cutting down trees and she built her home. After she was done she took out her journal and wrote. I’ve been here for a few months and have just finished building my house, I accidentally cut my hand about 2 weeks ago and so I wrapped it in a piece of material that I tore off my sweater and luckily it hasn’t gotten infected… I think I’m now going to plant a crop and hope it produces food. She got to work on planting her crop with some seeds she stole from one of her neighbors and when it was time for harvesting she was one of the only people with a full crop and plenty to eat. She decided that she would invite all the people to eat with her after her harvest. Most of the people came but some didn’t and they just watched and waited in their homes. She introduced herself again and this time the people didn’t walk away and they told her their names. After a few years the village was rebuilt and they made a government and she became the leading politician. People were also surprised at how her hand didn’t get infected because the people that lived there that got cut got infections and died. They decided to also make her their doctor. She lived to be 76 and had 2 children who eventually became doctors and politicians.

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