Party Time

September 19, 2008
“So, what are you doing this weekend?” Cameron asked between bites of salmon burger.
“Umm, nothing. Because I’m grounded,” Denise answered. They were at Cameron’s apartment, trying to find something to do for the weekend.
“What?! But our school is having the championship game for the football party!” Cameron whined. “You’re always grounded!”
“But most of the time it’s because of you,” Denise reminded Cameron. “Besides, even if I wasn’t grounded, my mom will find someway to keep me home.”
“Because, she’s way over protective- and you know that,” Denise said, starting on painting her nails.
“Well, will you try to come?” Cameron complained. “Ooh! I got an idea!”
“What? Please tell me!” Denise grabbed Cameron’s arm. “Right now!”
“Okay, you spend the night at my house then I will tell my mom we are going to the movie then we just go to the party!”
“Yes! I think that will work!” Denise screamed. Her and Cameron ran down the stairs of the apartment and ran down the street to Denise’s house and barged through the door.
“Mom! I’m going to spend the night at Cameron’s house!” Denise yelled from her room, while gathering her party things.
“Wait a minute, your grounded,” Denise’s mom walked into her room.
“Please! It’s our school’s party. I promise! Theirs nothing bad; it’s chaperoned!” Denise pleaded. “Please!”
Denise’s mom sighed, saying, “Ok, but you have to be home to Cameron’s by 11:30. Got it?”
“Yes, thank you!” Denise screamed.
Cameron and Denise ran then ran back to Cameron’s house to get ready for the party.
“Should I wear this tube top with American Eagle wedges?” Denise asked, holding up a pink tube top with black studded wedges.
“Only if you wear that black skirt to match,” Cameron answered. “The party’s about to start, should we go?”
“Sure,” Denise fixed her top and grabbed her purse
So they stepped out on to the porch, locked the door and drove to the party. When they got there, the party was clearly started.
“Hey,” said the quarterback of the school’s team. “What up?”
“Nothing,” Cameron and Denise answered.
“Cool,” He said and walked away.
“He is such a geek,” Cameron said.
“Yeah, he can’t even make the football spiral!” Denise giggled.
They danced for a while then went to get something to drink.
“Oh, who’s that dude?” Cameron said, pointing at a guy standing in the corner with his friend.
The man and his friend were looking around secretly and keeping their voices low. Then the guy with his friend looks up suddenly, seeing Cameron. He nudges his friend and they walk over.
“Hey,” They said. They looked around then back at the girls. “How you doing?”
“Fine,” Cameron said. Denise was staring at them, a deer caught in head lights.
“You are talking to us?” Denise said frantically.
“Well who else would we be talking to?” the guys laughed. One was dressed in black while the other was in red. The one in red said “I’m Derek, and this is Connor,”
“Nice to meet you,” Cameron replied.
“You guys want to go some where?” Derek smiled.
“Well, we really shouldn’t---” Denise started but was stopped by Cameron’s elbow in her ribs.
“We would love to,” Cameron said, looking over annoyingly at Denise.
All four of them piled into a car and drove five minutes. They got out and walked into Derek’s house. Derek got the something to drink while Connor was in the back room.
“Nice house.” Denise said, calming down. “You live here?”
“Yeah, something likes that.” Derek laughed.
“Umm, I need help with my…doorknob...” Connor stammered.
“Doorknob?” Derek asked, so confused.
“Yes! Doorknob! Now!” Connor demanded.
“Oh,” Derek said following Connor into the back room.
“Wonder what’s wrong with his door?” Denise asked.
Just then they heard screaming coming from the back room were the two men were at. Then Connor and Derek ran out of the room. “Um… we have to go buy a new doorknob. Will you two just stay in here, no matter what you hear?” Derek demanded.
“Sure?” Denise and Cameron answered, looking at each other, “What the heck?”
When the two guys walked out, the girls heard screaming from the next room.
“Uh, we have to find out what that is!” the two girls ran into the next room.
“What is this?!?” Denise screamed, seeing three other girls in the room, tied up in the corner.
“Get out of here, before they come back!” one girl tied up whispered quietly.
“Who are you?” Denise asked.
“Maloney, Molly and Lonny.” They all answered at once.
“We have to get you guys’ out of here!” Cameron grabbed her cell and called 911.
“They are on our way,” The operator answered.

“Goodbye,” Cameron sighed, hanging up the phone. Just then Connor and Derek walked into to the room.
“What are you doing?” Connor demanded, slamming the door shut and grabbing Denise and Cameron. Cameron stepped on Connor’s foot and elbowed him. She pushed him into Derek and helped Denise untie Maloney, molly and Lonny. The five girls ran into the living room and out the door onto the front steps, screaming for help. Just the cops showed up, and Connor and Derek ran out of the house grabbing the five girls.
The cops pulled out guns and yelled “Let the girls go and we won’t shoot,”
Derek put a gun to Denise’s head. Cameron screamed, fearing her BFF will be dead in seconds. Denise grabbed the gun, twisted Derek’s arm until he was on his knees.
“Don’t mess with me!” Denise screamed at him. By now, Connor was scared and let the rest of the girls go. The gun in Denise’s hand, she kicked Derek and ran to the cops. The cops ran to Derek, keeping him on the ground. They handcuffed both of the men and put them in the police car. The five girls got into a separate car, going home.
When they got home, they ran into their parents arms.
“Mommy, I promise to never do it again!” Cameron was crying to her mom.
“It’s ok,” her mom said stroking her head.
“Can we three stay with you guys’ tonight?” molly asked, indicating at herself and Maloney and Lonny.
“Sure,” Cameron sighed, feeling so relieved to have new friends. What a party, saving three girls and arresting two serial killers.
“Party Time,” Cameron whispered to Denise.
“Oh, Yeah,” Denise said back, hugging Cameron. The five girls went into the house and went to sleep immediately. The day is done, with the night broken.

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