In the Dragons' Den

September 19, 2008
By Kaitlyn Johnston, Boise, ID

Running as fast as lightning through the forest, looking over her shoulder, branches slapping her face, the sound of dogs and people, lights in the distance. She never saw the cliff…… Until it was too late. A gentle touch, light shining in half conscious eyes. An angle’s voice, soft and pure,
“stay with me child, hang on, don’t you die!”
Then there was nothing.

“Myra!” yelled Gory, “over here!”
“What is it Gory?” called Myra questioningly.
“I found a kid, and she’s hurt bad!”
“A kid!?” Yelled Myra going over. “She’s still alive! We have to help her!”
“You know we can’t,” said Wolfe, who had come up behind gory. “I saw the humans that were after her, they’re on their way. We can’t risk being seen.”
“We’ll just have to take her with us then. I can’t let her die.” Said Myra confidently As they loaded the girl onto the makeshift stretcher. Myra stroked the girl’s hair.
“Stay with me child, hang on, don’t you die!”

Aurora woke up, laying on something soft, her mind and vision fuzzy. Her head felt as though someone had been beating it with a hammer, and her limbs were cold as ice. She tried weakly to sit up, and was surprised when a gentle hand pushed her back down.
“Don’t try to get up,” came the voice of a woman, gentle, kind and soft as silk.
“W-where am I, and wh- who are y-you?” Aurora managed to stutter.
“I’m Myra, and you’re in our home,” she replied softly.

Her vision had still not recovered. She could only make out color and shadows. She had found that there were five others in the cave. The others were not human, they were a wolf man named Wolfe, he was the quiet intelligent type. A vulture man named Carrion, often the kind voice of reason. An intelligent raptor named Shrieks, silent stealthy, bookworm. A lizard man with enormous teeth named Gory, he had a bad temper, and likes to bite through steel bars. But has a definite soft spot for kids. And of course Myra, kind gentle healer who she still thought was human. She had come to call Myra her mother, and Gory, Shrieks and carrion were her “uncles”. Wolfe was the big brother she’d never had.

Gory yawned. “Go to bed kid.”
“Aw gory!” she wined, “it’s still early!”
“Early to bed, early to rise” said Shrieks happily.
“Ok fine...” pouted aurora. And she went off to bed.
“Alright Myra,” said gory gruffly “It’s decision time, the humans are getting closer, we can’t be seen, so what are we going to do with the kid?”
Myra sighed. “We can’t kick her out; those people would get her in a minuet!” Wolfe looked up, “she seems to like it here!” he noted with an excited light to his eyes. Carrion looked up from his place against the wall “we would have to move,” he noted. “The cave is collapsing anyways,” said shrieks looking up from his book.
“True,” said gory “but having the kid around is putting us in more danger than normal. Is it worth it?”
“Worth it or not, we can’t just leave her to die.” Wolfe interjected.
“I think we’re all to attached to the kid to do that anyways,” stated Shrieks plainly.
Gory sighed, “they have a point there. But I still don’t like it”
“Well the rest of us do.” Said Shrieks crossing his arms.
“All agreed then,” whispered Myra, “we move at dusk.”

Now months later, in a cave witch was much higher up on a cliff, Aurora’s sight had recovered. For the first time she looked into Myra’s face and saw she too, was not human. Myra was a furry dragon-like creature; her eyes were pure sapphire blue, and shone with happiness. Long silky fur was white as snow. Pointed ears were perked up, and her face donned a lively smile. The hood of her scarlet and gold cloak rested loosely against her shoulders her lizard-like tail twitched happily.
“Hello Aurora. It’s nice to see you. Don’t you think?” said Myra with a smile.

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on May. 21 2009 at 9:41 pm
I love the idea, and you could go far with it, but a little more description would help move things along. Tell your readers when the time changes.


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