Petrified by the lost

September 19, 2008
RING RING RING was the rooster’s cry that Saturday morning for Mellony. She looked around only seeing the plain white walls, a pink rug and the messy pile of clothes in the corner until she saw the phone in the corner of her eye and snatched it. She quickly answered the phone. She spoke with her scattered voice that she had to actually try to get a voice out of, “hello?”

The voice answered back, “Hello, did I wake you?”

She answered back being so modest, “No, well sort of but its ok. Who is this?”
The voice had answered back but didn’t have the bold voice that he was speaking in anymore and was spoke softer, “This is the police department, we called to…to…”

Mellony had started to wonder what, why did they call me? but she had answered back not knowing what else to say with what he had just said and responded, “What…What is it?”

The police man had not finished what he was going to say and continued on to another question, “Are your parents there?"

She had thought at first if they had came home but then said to the man, “One sec”, and ran downstairs to see if they were home. She traveled around the house for a couple of minutes but didn’t find anyone.

Mellony ran back to her room and took the phone and started speaking again in a panting voice that had again started to scatter, “Hello? Hello...Hello?”

He had answered again sounding like he was just woken up then answered, “Yes”

“My parents aren’t here, sorry,”

“Well did you know that they left?”

“Well yes I called one of there friends to ask where they were and they told me they went on a business trip”

She started to wonder what was going on and thought once again why is he asking me this, what does he want?

He spoke again, “Ok do you know where this business trip is?”

“No I don’t, why?”

“Because your parents had been filed missing”

“Wait by whom?”

“We can’t tell you right now, when was the last time you saw them?”

“Before they went to work yesterday,”

“Okay, thank you for your help we will call you when we have any further information.”

“Oh and don’t worry we will find them.”

Before she had a chance to say anything he hung up.

She was worried but had trust that her parents were going to be ok but she had wondered why she couldn’t know who had reported them missing. She had dialed Martha’s number, her mother’s friend, and waited for her to answer very impatiently.

“Hello! Martha, its Mellony,”

“Oh hello,”

“Do you know where my parents went?”

“No I don’t why?”

“Oh just wondering thanks bye,”

Mellony hung up quickly before Martha could say bye. She didn’t get a call until late that night. Mellony quickly answered and was very nervous to what the man on the phone was going to say.


“Is this Mellony?”


“We found your parents but,”

He paused for only a second but in that second Mellony had her heart beating faster than a plane flies.

She quickly had to ask before he continued, “What? Tell me please.”

He answered back, “They have been in a car accident and are in the hospital.”

“Are they ok?” She asked as she was shaking in fear.

“We are not sure right now, I am sorry”

He hung up and she started to cry. She didn’t understand what had really happened. She didn’t know where her parents were going. And she mostly didn’t know where she was going to go. She decided to call Martha and ask her if she could stay with her until they had called again. She had then stayed with Martha that week.

Two weeks had passed and they had gotten a phone call. She was only hoping for good news. To just see them and know that they were ok. Unfortunately, there was no good news. No happiness. No seeing them again. Her parents had not survived. They had died from the severe injuries from the crash. They were gone.

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Nana Karen said...
Oct. 20, 2008 at 11:46 pm
Annissa, I am so pleased you are writing. Please share more with me.
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