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May 27, 2013
By a_shton GOLD, Grand Prairie, Texas
a_shton GOLD, Grand Prairie, Texas
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I clicked on the TV and flipped through the channels, not particularly looking for anything. I stopped at a program I had seen before and looked at the screen. Joe crossed my mind and I wondered if I should text him. I don’t like it when he’s upset with me.

As I was picking up my phone a commercial I had never seen before came on and caught my attention. It was an advertisement for weight loss pills. The commercial was filled with “It really works!” and “Lose weight fast!” I laughed at the idea but it still caught my attention.

I picked up my phone and searched for reviews on the pill. I skimmed though most of them but one of them caught my eye:

Although you feel fatigued and a little moody at first, you get results. But hey, what’s a side effect when you’re losing all this weight?

“There can’t be this many good reviews if it doesn’t work, right,” I asked myself silently. I bought the pills and thought about telling Joe. He would be mad and tell me this useless crap about how I didn’t need it. But I do.

I do need it. I need it to be beautiful. I sighed and closed my eyes. Thinking about it made me happy so I fell asleep thinking about how much more beautiful I would be if I was 30 pounds lighter.

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