Fear versus Oblivion

May 26, 2013

I hate that feeling of fear. It's just this awful, stressful, distressing oppression you have to endure. It's just a way of life.

It's that feeling that never seems to go away, not completely, at least. It leaves your body paralyzed yet your heart pounding like a galloping horse. It's silent in your veins but your breathing harder and faster than even after running a marathon. Your eyes widen subconsciously, blazing as the fear enters your shivering pupils and envelopes your chilled soul. 

Fear could kill a man. It could kill me.


Does fear come swiftly, like a spring storm? Or does it slowly sneak up on you like a forgotten promise and gradually devour you, taking it's time like the cruelest of enemies.

Scientific theories can't drag fear away. Analysis won't make us forget the hole in our gut pulling us deeper and deeper into the pit of despair. 

Do we just have to deal with it? Let it control our lives? When will it become too much to bear?

No one can answer these questions but fear itself.


After fear, oblivion is the worst state a person could be in. 

Fear takes your mentality and twists it around to fit its needs. It grasps hold of your body and reins control. You are a slave to fear.

But oblivion, oblivion takes advantage of you. The smallest amount of absentminded-ness will alert oblivion and cause it to push you into a state of delusions and fantasies. Unlike fear, it doesn't even allow you to think for yourself. 

The unfortunate ones never find themselves out of the world of clouds and fog. Half of us are still wandering around blindly to find our ways in life. 

Who knows, though. Maybe it's better to not know anything than to understand everything that crosses your path.

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