Are First Basketball Game

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

My name is Leo and I am in a basketball team. I have a basketball game today.
I woke up this morning got my clothes on and my shoes and walked to school and waited
For the bus to come. Everyone was here nervously waiting for the bus. Then the bus came, slowly and stopped we all came in. He told us the rules then headed to the game. Bus stopped. We got out went in the school to the gym we looked. They were practicing
There drills. We started practicing we did drills we did free shot. Then we started.

He threw the ball up I jumped and missed he ran. He shot made it.
We grabbed the ball then past it to me. I ran then pasted it to the person near the
the hoop he made it. The crowed was cheering. The score was 2-2. We were tied.

It was the end of the quarter 12 more seconds the clock was running.
We get the ball again we run it the score was 20-20 we shot the ball missed. But I jumped up got it tried one more time. shot it. The crowed was quiet the ball was in they air.
Swish I made it in the air. And that are first game. The end

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