the marsh

September 19, 2008
By Jennifer McNealy, Boise, ID

The marsh is a gross place some people say, nobody loves the marsh or the things in it , what is in the marsh you ask, well of course there are things like frogs, snakes, alligators, mush ,mud and such but some people say there are two kids that live in the marsh a boy and a girl. Why don’t we just skip the questions ill tell you their story.

One gross and terrifying day in the marsh the girl wept for they had lived in the marsh for many years to long.
The girl spoke out in her high grassy voice “I am tired of living in this stupid marsh I am always hungry and sleeping on leaves is not exactly a walk in the park!”
“I’m going to try to runaway and nobody can stop me!”

“But sister” the boy defended “we have lived in the marsh long enough to now if we try to escape it will eat us alive, besides we do not have any family even if we did escape !”
“Who would take care of us surely we could not take care of our selves, I’m sorry if I sound hopeless that’s not the direction I’m trying to lean in.”
But the girl thought it didn’t make a difference if she had family or not she would find a home for herself.
“Who said WE cause I now I didn’t maybe you should just die in this stupid place you call home!”
The boy just let her walk away he knew he could not stop her even if he wanted to.

She started to walk as she was brought to a lightened path it looked peaceful and wise “freedom at last “she thought. As she got closer to the path she realized the path was a figure of her imagination she walked for many days straight on and on.

Maybe she escaped maybe she didn’t
but all we know is that day when she walked away from her brother a couple of villagers went into the marsh and found the boy he was taken into a cozy real house with a loving family. When he got older he decided to visit the marsh, in the marsh he found an old lady looking for a way out saying brother im sorry help me please! ……………….hmmmm ……………….I wonder?!
The end! Or is it?

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