A Way of Death

May 24, 2013
I fall to the floor, rough hands shoving me down onto the dirt. Both my hands spread in front of me to catch myself, but my angle is so bad that I fall flat on my face before my hands get underneath me. My chin goes into the hard dirt, instant pain in the lower part of my face. My hands find footing and I push my body up.
Which turns out to be a mistake. Hands push my head down, into the dirt. My whole face smushes against the rough sand paperiness of the ground. Pinpricks splinter my face as it is rubbed back and forth into the dirt. I try to push up on my hands, but the person just takes them behind my back. My struggles utterly useless, I stop completely.
After too many moments of this torture, the person behind me lets go. I hear an odd sound of wood on stone. After a minute I look up, seeing no one I get to my knees. Staying there for a moment, I pause to stand up. As I do, I flinch, afraid.
I look around the area I am in. Just a dirt floor square, stone walls. Not even a window for semi-fresh air. Looking up I see a roof, many many feet above me. Too far to reach. A large square door is the only thing that does not keep me trapped here forever.
I sit back down, exhausted. My body heaves with a sigh. Eyes heavy, I try my hardest to keep them propped open. But even my hardest isn't good enough and I fall to the dark depths of slumber.
I awaken at the feel of something around my wrists. Looking up groggily, I see a man. But there is something about him. Something different. And I realize what it is as I see his face behind his mandatory cloak. A skull shows through, without flesh or skin. Hollow eyes look back at me. My heart pumps faster as I get more of an idea of what is happening. The skeleton hands are busy tying a corse rope around my wrists. I feel the roughness bite into my skin but ignore it and the tears that come from it.
As he, or she, finishes tying the rope they yank me up. My whole body follows as the rip me forward by my hands. Opening the door they pull me through into the dusty hallway. My body bumps from side to side, scraping the hard stones. My throat burns from keeping in the gasps. Torchs glow just above my head. The heat eminating burning my scalp. Grimacing, I continue to lurch and trip.
The light burns my eyes at first, making me shut them. As I am thrust forward, I fall onto my knees and reopen my eyes. A black swirling shadow twists back and forth. The purples and blues flicking out as though to claw me. My body falls backwards, dodging a close call of a flicker. My eyes latch on to the hunks of black that replace the creatures own. His nose nothing more then two holes, they appear to be drilled into his silky, shadowy face. Not able to help myself, I stand and take a step. My bare feet feel each shard of glass and coals as they continue walking closer to the being.
It encourages my nearing. Hanglike things motioning, and his devilish grimace meant to be a smile. My feet follow his thoughts, not my own. As I try to make my body do as I command, I get close enough to smell it's breath. My body convulses and I find there is no hope in trying to get away. The shadow flickers and hits my cheek. I feel the welt from the burn, and smell my flesh as it is slightly cooked. Tears rush to my eyes, my hands move to wipe them away. The creatures 'hands' grab my wrists and stops me. The burning from this much worse, I cry out. Sucking in my breath, I look into his nonexistent eyes.
A darkness overwhelms my body.I feel it,the warmth of blackrips me open, making my encasing skin fall off. I watch my physical body float to the ground. Purple and black floats with me, the creature disperses. I solidify with cold, and realize what has happened.
My new role hits me, blowing me over.
Whispers hrow themselves at me "You are death. Mwahahaha."

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