I believe that YOLO isn't true!

May 21, 2013
YOLO! YOLO! YOLO! You hear that four-letter word almost everywhere you go and from everyone you pass by during your daily lives. Most people think that YOLO is true. Well, in my case, there is no YOLO. You don’t only live once. You only live twice. And that four letter acronym is YOLT. It may not be the same as YOLO, not will it sound the same, but it has one whole different meaning that shows that YOLO isn’t real.

If there were a chance where I could go back in time to change YOLO into YOLT, I would do that. Then, there would be no such thing as YOLO. YOLT explains the truth in reality. In this world, you only live twice. There is no three or four or a million more times. That’s how life goes and you have to deal with it. There is another world, or what we like to call it, the hereafter, that is waiting for you. Before I knew there was such thing as YOLT, I use to think that YOLO was true. Until I found out more about my religion, and from what my friends say, YOLO isn’t true and there is just one simple YouTube video that proved and convinced my to believe that you only live twice.

I was on YouTube, minding my own business, until there was a title that caught my eye. It said, “YOLT-YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE|MUSLIM SHORT FILM.” “Yes,” I thought. “Finally, something to prove YOLO isn’t true and it relates about us Muslims! How enhancing can this day get?” It talks about a twenty-four year old university student, that is an aspiring athlete, named Rabbi. He commits all beneficial deeds, but then, all the little things he adds to what he does regularly as being a Muslim makes his actions not avail. There is one part of the video that contributes to this topic. It says, “They say you only live once. You know that saying goes. Well, the reality is, that’s not the case.” While the narrator is saying this, the four-letter acronym appeared and underneath each letter, it stated: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. The letters were as white as pearls and they were so crystal-clear, that you could possibly see through the letters if you look hard enough. The letters are also as neat as a clean, new and fresh piece of paper, untouched by anybody’s hands. But then, the letter is roughly ripped from an O at the end of the acronym to a T as if the ripping is slicing someone, and you hear the sound of blood suddenly gushing out from the cut that changed the O to a T for a few seconds. The color of the letter is as dark and as red as blood. The letters are still consummate, but the T stands out to show that YOLT and YOLO have an immense distinction between the two. Now each of the letters stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.

It’s not like this video was made fro the fun of it, or to show that it was fake, it is to show that this is true and it was made to show a point. You only live twice. In my religion, I believe that there is another world, a second chance to live, and you will be judged as to if you will go to Paradise, or the Underworld. Just take a few minutes and watch it. You might learn a thing or two. So, as I said, I believe that YOLO isn’t true! Not meaning to offend anyone!

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