Tale Of Tasmania

September 17, 2008
My name is Tasmania, I have a mother named Australia, and my closest sister is named Victoria. I have visitors once in awhile, some nice, and others I wish never existed. There are many descendents of mine, and a selected few have experiences that influence the others in the biggest way.

Tiki is one of my many descendants. I gave him the name Tiki, meaning the one who is fetched. His one and only crush is Kaimi, meaning seeker. Although, Kaimi is leaving for my Melbourne, Victoria. I’m sure my sister would enjoy a sweet girl like Kaimi.

Tiki is a shy boy at first, but he warms up quickly. It’s his last day to see Kaimi before she leaves for Melbourne tonight. She’s leaving for Melbourne because her father landed an opportunity that will help her family live with no worries. I can feel her mixed emotions about leaving; happy and sad, she imagines how things will be different. Same with Tiki, he’s excited to see Kaimi and sad to know that she has to leave very soon.

Tiki goes to the kitchen and grabs some toast, on his way to his “secret spot,” the cellar, about 5 miles away. His mother shouts as he rushes to leave, “Don’t go getting attached to that Kaimi girl now!” He shouts back, waving to his mother “Never! I’m just going to say bye!”

Tiki decides to write everything he thinks about Kaimi. “I’ve been…write me back…like you….”

He then hears a storm coming in. He ignores the storm because he’s in the cellar, knowing that he’ll be safe. Poor Tiki, he didn’t realize that a storm is the hurricane’s footsteps to come and visit me. The light turns off in the cellar. He could smell the fire spreading throughout the trees around him. Not knowing what’s going on, he hurries to try and feel around the cellar where the flashlight is. He finds the flashlight, and opens the cellar. The water just keeps pouring in, and he quickly gets the emergency inflatable boat. Tiki puts the letter in his pocket and goes off trying to find Kaimi to make sure nothing has happened to her; that she’s safe. In his mind he’s picturing Kaimi gone, and realizing that it’s too late to give her the letter.

“If Kaimi’s gone, I am too.” On his way, he continues to write in the letter. Finished with the letter, he sees his family and friends all ok and safe.

Kaimi is seen, and he gives her the letter along with a hug. She reads the letter in front of him, saying to herself, “I’ll make sure to write a letter back.” She tells Tiki that she’s sorry to go, but she has to. Kaimi gives a hug and waves Tiki goodbye. Saddened, Tiki leaves with his head down, heading back to the cellar. On his way, he sees a pack of beer. Thirsty, along with being upset over Kaimi, he takes the beer and drinks. Not knowing how to swim, he crashes into a tree, deflating the boat, and drowns.

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