A Snowy Dream Day

September 17, 2008
By rawrGabbsrawr BRONZE, Bronx, New York
rawrGabbsrawr BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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I sighed happily as I stepped out of the shower. I quickly wrapped my towel around my petite body and shivered as the cold from the house hit me full on. Quickly skipping off to my bed room, I dried off and slipped on my favorite pajamas. Tossing on my fuzzy slippers, I bounced on over to the window. “It’s snowing!” I cried happily. I frowned slightly as I heard my own voice bounce of the walls. I had almost forgotten that I was alone on this day. Shrugging off my loneliness, I skidded off to the kitchen and prepared to make myself some hot chocolate. I giggled in glee as I stared out the window, the snow falling down softly but in thick flakes. I couldn’t help but feel my heart race slightly. It was finally snowing, and although I was alone, I felt as if something magical was about to happen.

Ring… Ring…

I looked at the phone in shock. Could it read my mind? It felt as if right on cue. Picking it up, I sighed. “No… Stop calling my house. We don’t own a freaking car.” Hanging it up while the person was still talking, I set my phone to block the cursed number. I shrugged; Guess the phone couldn’t read my mind. Going back to the kitchen, I frowned after preparing my hot chocolate. “I made too much again…” Sighing, I went in search of marshmallows. Couldn’t have hot chocolate without my marshmallows. Grabbing them out of their hiding place, I dropped in a couple of them into my hot chocolate and popped a couple into my mouth.

Ring…. Ring….

Ughh… I stared at the phone to see who it was. Picking it up, I looked at the caller ID and stared at it surprised. What would he be calling here for? He knew that my older brother wasn’t home. Trying to swallow the marshmallow in my mouth, I picked up the phone. “Wellow?” I managed to choke out.


“Oh hey. Sorry, I was eating a marshmallow. What’s up?” I blew my chocolate a bit before taking a sip. Gah… It’s still hot.

“Nothing really just bored. I’m walking out in the snow right now. Actually, I’m in front of your house right now. Mind opening the door down stairs?”

“Umm now? What are you doing outside of my building?”

“Your brother told me you were gonna be home alone today and I asked him I could keep you company. He said it was alright.”

“Why would he say that? What if I was walking around naked or something? Now I gotta get dressed.”

“Yum… Not like I mind you know.”

I rolled my eyes, and opened the door. “See ya.” I said annoyed.

“Alright” he said as he chuckled softly. We hanged up, and I walked back to the kitchen. Well at least now I wouldn’t have to drink hot chocolate twice. Pouring what was left in another mug, I waited for him to come up. The door bell rang, and I bounced off towards it. I looked into the peep hole and pulled it open.

“Awww…” he said, disappointed. “I thought you said you were naked.”

“Shut up and here you go.” I handed him his mug of hot chocolate and walked away. “Want marshmallows?”

“Sure” he said, taking a sip out of the mug. He followed me into the kitchen and stole the bag of marshmallows out of my hand.

“Hey!” I cried out. I threw my hands up and tried to reach for them, damning him for being a whole foot taller than me. He chuckled and put down our hot chocolates but continued to hold the bag over my head. I growled. “Gimme back my marshmallows!” I whined out and jumped up, missing horribly. I giggled but growled as well.

“You suck.” He said laughing. I glared daggers at him, causing him to laugh louder. I squeezed his squishiness causing him to let go of the bag. Smiling, I grabbed it, and stuck my tongue out at him.

“One, you don’t know that personally and two Ha.” I smiled brightly and put some marshmallows into his chocolate and put the bag away.

“You never know.” He said, mischief gleaming in his eyes. I rolled my eyes and controlled the slightly blush that wanted to erupt on my face. I walked over to my bed room, with him in tow and sat down by my bed. I pulled the curtain away from the window and my smiled brightly

“It’s still snowing.” I stared out the window, becoming lost in the white flakes that blanketed the town. I placed my chocolate on the window sill and continued to gaze out the window.

“You like the snow, huh.” He said, sitting down next to me. I nodded my head still in a trance, and opened up the window. My smiled never creased as the cold wind blew onto my face, tousling my thick dark brown hair. I drank my chocolate and shivered. I gasped softly and looked behind me as I felt a pair of warm arms wrap around me. He looked down at me and smiled; a slight blush on his face. I looked away knowing that my own face was probably brighter than a tomato. I snuggled closely into his warmth, and he soon had me sitting on his lap, nuzzling his warm cheek into my hot one. I turned around slightly to face him, and brushed my finger tips over his flushed cheeks. I leaned in closer and placed a small kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks for keep me company today.” I whispered out and laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. He wrapped his arms around me tighter, placed a small kiss on my head, and reached up to brush his own hands over my hot cheek. I blushed even darker and my heart raced quickly, skipping a beat.

“I love keeping you company.” My heart skipped a couple of other beats, hearing his velvet voice whisper those words into my ear.

“Can I…?” I paused and asked myself should I ask him.

“Can you what?” he asked curious. I listened to his breathing and his heart beating as I wondered or not to ask him. “Tell me, you know you can ask me anything.” I nodded softly against his shoulder, snuggling closer to him.

“I know I can.” I paused again and sighed very softly. “Close your eyes.” He looked at me confused. “Just do it. Please?” I cut him off before he had a chance to say anything. He sighed and closed his eyes. I bit on my lower lip before I pressed my lips softly onto his lip. I pulled away a bit only to have him pull me back, pressing his lips onto mine softly. I leaned in as closely as I could, and wrapped my arms around him. Pulling away out of breath, I buried my flushed face into his warm chest.

“I’m light headed.” He said softly as he stroked my hair. After a long pause of silence, he stopped stroking my hair. “…Babe?”

“Uhn?” It came out weak and muffled. I lifted my head out of his chest a bit. “Sorry… I think… I fainted…” I could feel his shocked eyes bore into me before he chuckled softly. He lifted my face up and stared into my eyes, his fingers brushing over my cheeks that felt as if they were on fire. I looked away, embarrassed, and I hear him growl softly in protest. I looked back at him, and soon found myself lost in his eyes. He captured my lips again in a heated fury, his fingers tangled in my hair and I clutched onto his shirt. He leaned back, laying down on my bed and his hands roamed my body. I moaned softly onto his lips. I shivered furiously, from the pleasure and from the cold wind that blew into the room. We pulled apart, both extremely out of breath.

“You’re too cute for your own good.” He breathed out.

“I could say the same thing to you.” I brushed my fingertips over his cheeks and giggled at his blushing face, knowing my face was much, much worse. I rested my forehead on his and he stroked my hair gently. I frowned as I felt something pulling me away… disrupting this peaceful embracing….

I awoke with tears streaming down on my face like an endless river.

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