True Love

September 17, 2008
“Baby, slow down!” Brandi halfway screams as her moody boyfriend speeds up and it appears that he is going to run the red light. “Tyler, stop speeding!” this time yelling as he swerves their old car into the right turning lane, barely missing a car that was stopping for the light.
“I know you’ve had a bad day baby,” she says, “just please slow down baby.” Brandi then affectionately puts her hand on Tyler’s leg. “Please baby?” she pleads as Tyler speeds up to get to their street.
Tyler pulls out in front of an old pick up truck and swerves onto their road and says, “I can’t believe that we can’t come up with five dollars. I’ve been hungry all day, it’s ridiculous.”
Tyler looks into her eyes and admits, ”If it wasn’t for you finishing up school, baby, I would have left this place several months ago.”
Tyler then pulls into their driveway and they get out of the car. He quickly lights a cigarette and then Brandi says, “Sorry we don’t have anything better to eat around here baby.”
“It’s okay my love,” Tyler responds. ”I just don’t feel like eating frozen pizza or a sandwich. I’m sick of s*** like that,” and then Tyler finishes up his cigarette and tosses it into the trash.
“We’ll have money tomorrow though, right?” Brandi asks Tyler and then rubs his arm. “I mean, you’re getting paid tomorrow, aren’t you?” Brandi then moves her arm to his waist and leans her head on his shoulder. “I love you baby,” she tells him and then stares into his deep, green eyes.
“I love you too baby,” he assures her,”I wish I could do more for you sweetheart,” and then Tyler takes her by the hand and they go inside and sit on the sofa.
“Are you sure you don’t want a sandwich, baby?” Brandi asks him and leans up and off of his chest to look him in the face.
“I don’t want a sandwich, baby. I want some real food,” Tyler tells her with a sad look.
“Oh, you want some real food now, do you?” Brandi teases and grins big, “Well lets go get some then!” she energetically commands and jumps up off of the sofa.
“Let’s go then,” Tyler says with a smile.
Brandi grabs his hand and takes the lead out the house and into the car.
“Borrow some money from your dad, baby so we can go see a movie tonight.” Brandi suggest as they are on their way to Tyler’s mother’s house to raid her fridge.
“Good idea, baby, I’m gonna call him now.” And then Tyler searches his phone, finds his dad, and calls him.

“Hey Dad, do you think you could spot me like twenty dollars until tomorrow when I get paid?” Tyler asks his dad.

“Well, hey son. Yeah I can help you out. Just come on to my house and pick it up. I will see you soon.”

“Okay dad, we are on our way.” And then Tyler hangs up the phone and says,” Well, baby, just turn around and head to my dad’s house. I will try to pick up some food there or after he gives me some money.”

“Okay baby, heading to Dad’s.”

“I am really glad your dad likes to help you,” Brandi says after they say goodbye to his dad and walk back to the car.

“Yeah, me too, baby. Now, what movie do you want to see?”

“Let’s see Dark Night baby, I bet it is badass.”

“That’s what I was thinking. Okay, we have a date,” Tyler says and then he leans over to kiss her as he drives away.

Tyler gets really quiet for ten minutes or so and finally he says, ”Baby, I have decided to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” He watches her closely and her expression is delightful.

“Yes, baby I love you with all of my heart. I would love to spend my life with you,” she responds and kisses him passionately. Tyler then locks his fingers into hers and then they are semi quiet for a couple of minutes.
“Man, I wish I wouldn’t have taken these back roads. This is taking too long,” Tyler complains and takes his eyes off of the road for a sec to look at his beautiful Brandi. Brandi looks at him with radiating passion and exclaims, “I love you.”

As Tyler looks at her and is about to answer her I love you, Brandi screams in horror.
Tyler looks back to the road and the well known, alcoholic, truck driver is in their lane about five feet from them, going only too fast. He tries to swerve but his effort is ineffective.

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