Tales of Serenest

September 17, 2008
Once, long ago, in the deep forest of Serenest. There was a clever rabbit who could move faster than anything alive, except a devious wolf. The wolf, known only as Amorion, was the ruler of the forest. He was worshiped by all except the rabbit. The rabbit, known as Alenbudily, was the wolf's right hand advisor.

The wolf wasn't as smart as the rabbit and that’s why the wolf kept the rabbit close for counsel. But, as of late, the wolf hasn't been asking for advice. This foreboded no good, and Serenest was slowly sinking into despair. Amorion was blinded by his greed of power and title. Alenbudily knew that if he did not act quickly the entire forest would crumble and die. Alenbudily began to devise a plan to dethrone Amorion. He thought hours at a time on the subject but, as Alenbudily plotted, the forest was sinking deeper into a desolate depression.

Finally, Alenbudily thought up a plan wherein he would challenge Amorion for the throne. Knowing that Amorion was not dumb enough to be openly challenged, Alenbudily persuaded Amorion to sign an agreement order disguised as a menu. Foolishly, Amorion signed the agreement order and there was no choice for him but to except the challenge. Alenbudily and Amorion went to the Baron Hills scrimmage bailiwick, a place of rock, brook, tree, and briar. The two warriors gave each other a menacing glare, and the battle began. It seemed hours, even days, that Amorion and Alenbudily competed for lordship. The battle waxed on and on, never ending it seemed. Each striking at every chance without getting hurt themselves, for in the Baron Hills scrimmage bailiwick, you don’t compete with just an opponent, you have to master the earth and it's hardships as well. The two warriors fought with speed, agility, and wits.

All the creatures of the Serenest were there, cheering for only Alenbudily. This discouraged Amorion and Alenbudily knew it. He used the weakness to his advantage. Every time Amorion came close, Alenbudily would say something to weaken Amorion. As Amorion weakened, Alenbudily was able to strike without hesitation or fear. He dealt out hit after hit after hit, and Amorion could not take much more. Then, in an instant, Amorion released his anger and stuck Alenbudily hard enough to knock a wild bear to the ground. Alenbudily went down, but not out. He got up and realized just how much that hit took out of not only himself but Amorion too. Alenbudily limped over and gathered up as much strength as he could. Amorion was kicked lightly in the head and fell off the overhang onto hard, unforgiving rock.

Finally, the battle ended and Alenbudily was named king of the forest. Immediately, Alenbudily began work to give rebirth to the forest of old. Serenest was rebuilt to its fullest glory with Amorion banished and Alenbudily seated on the throne.

But, in all time as it were, no one creature can be king of the forest as long as it has power. For power can corrupt even the most unlikely people to be rapacious.
Alenbudily will soon begin to feel his power as king, and will not take kindly to being told how to live his life or how to rule his kingdom. I hope above all hopes that Alenbudily will find an adviser smarter and more elusive than he. For how will the forest, the lake, the mountains, and the plains of Serenest survive without a leader who is selfless.

A time will soon come, when all forests will be joined by people, and animals that care about something and can live in harmony together. Serenest will rule on high as the most abundant treasure of peace the earth will ever see.

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