Romance After Sunset

September 5, 2008
By Spice Crocker, Plainveiw, TX

Romance After Sunset

Chapter one .

Blood Dripping down the neck of a young boy, his body begins to shrivel up into a petrified statue of a former little boy. Dalmasca looks up his eyes changing colors with the last rays of sunlight . He stays hidden in the shadows of the old deserted buildings searching for his next prey.

Nothing else seems to be coming out for the night, just the dust blowing in the wind. Dalmasca walks over to the the boy he just sucked the life out of, he tilts his head to the side wondering what it would have been like for the boy if he had lived. He kneals down next to the boy caressing the boys cheeks, as the skin flakes off to the ground. Trying to think of how old the boy exactly was. His guess would be around 17 or 18. Dalmasca sat next to the boy looking up into empty space around him he wanted to cry, but he knew that his kind were not able to cry it was impossible.

Valaman walked up behind Dalmasca , "come brother we must go they are calling." Dalmasca's red eyes glared at Valaman "

"How is it that I can get as far away as possible and yet you still find me brother?"

"Because we are twin brothers we share a bond like no other, when you hurt so do I , when you love as do I , and so forth ." "Besides you will never be able to esacpe us you are the next heir, Father will be passing soon." " You have a responsiblility to live up to !"

" Valaman, you know as well as I do you should be the one taking fathers place!"

"That may be so my brother but as long as you remain unmarried you will be the next in our line."

"As are you , you have yet to marry either."

"Ah, but I was not the one who was called forth , so as far as i am concerned you are going to have to go to them ."

"If you insist my brother but i am not going to marry that whore of a vampire, Natalia.."

"Do as you please Dlamasca but remeber one day you are going to have to marry and it will have to be an unmortal!"

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artofthedead said...
on Sep. 20 2008 at 10:58 pm
I thought that was okay... you might need to stop using "boy" over and over again though. I mean, the story line is good, you just have to get the quality of your writing down, and then, you're awesome!


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