The Unfortunate Farewell

May 12, 2013
By liam herrington BRONZE, Barrie, Other
liam herrington BRONZE, Barrie, Other
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“It is all about to end at last”. These are the only words I could conjure. I literally lived the best life imaginable, with the love and nurture of two parents who are un divorced, respectful and absolutely happy. I did the things I always wanted to do, I lived to the fullest, I would bask in the brilliant sunlight, I would enjoy the chilling snow. Every fiber of every moment has been absolutely magnificent up until this moment. I’m not sure what follows. What happened has happened. Now I reflect.

Taking steps back in time, about four hours ago when I was first getting to the beach. I was filled with happiness, something I could easily constitute as normal. There was a brilliant heat which had my friends Lillian and chuck easily as excited and happy as I was. These two people had been with me from the beginning. I couldn’t possibly imagine two better companions to have around but on a day like today, it wouldn’t matter. “A light rain”, yes if only it was.

The beginning.

“I always wanted to master the art of surfing. It must be one of those incredible feelings, having the wind blowing, the heat on my skin colliding with the cool water, A heart beating so hard along with the adrenaline. It literally seems like the perfect thing. I don’t understand how a person can sit around all day and not do these things. It seems like a waste of life almost.”
Chuck was always a doer, he was never one to let things go undone.
“Yeah chuck, you give a vivid idea, maybe we should start surfing” I say as I take my first steps onto the sand. Lillian has run ahead because she has seen some of her other friends. Chuck and I took our time getting to her, be both like to embrace the small moments in life, and walking on the sand was certainly one of those moments.
As we near Lillian, I can sense a bit of disappointment in her face.
“Whats wrong Lil? You look worried” I say.
“Nothing Liam, just a bit bummed I guess, my friends said there is supposed to be a light rain in a few hours, it looks like our long beach day might come to an end sooner than we expect”.
“S***, that sucks a bit, but we should make the most of it anyway. The sun is still shining and we have loads of time to do all the things we were going to do. Plus, look at the sky lil, there isn’t even a cloud above us, I think we’ll be okay”.
“yeah I guess you’re right Liam”, and we were off towards the water yet again.

I could feel it, there was a strange feeling in the air that kept my stomach in a knot. I hadn’t noticed it before. I try and stay as optimistic as possible most of the time. I kept a smile on my face, I never let my guard down.

Collectively we decided to play volleyball first. None of us are exactly good at volleyball, but it remains fun none the less. It was a lovely feeling, the sun was still shining then. There were mass amounts of cheering from along the beach coming from the other beach bums, the atmosphere was immaculate and to top it off there wasn’t any sign of anything bad. It was Calm, cool, and happy.

We managed to score a few points here and there in our game, and we might have won, but the goal was to have fun, and we were still having fun when Chuck said “Hey guys, I think I’m going to pass out, it’s crazy hot out and we haven’t even stepped in the water yet.”
We had worked up a great heat, and one of the best feelings was diving into the brisk ocean after working up a sweat like that. So initially I responded with a “yeah of course man” and together the three of us ran off into the water.

I can remember the moment, I can still feel how nice it was. The combination of heat and fresh cold water. It was absolutely necessary.
“Ahh, this is incredible, guys, and there still isn’t a cloud in sight. I guess they were wrong about the rain after all. We could probably just stay here all day” said Lilly, happily. She was right though, I could have stayed there with them for the entire day, it was a moment I wouldn’t want to forget.
We got out just before we turned to prunes. As if being a prune would even matter now.
We got out and lay on the sand together. The beach was still crowded and we had been there about 3 hours now.

My friends and I enjoyed talking about the most obscure things, things that absolutely wouldn’t matter in the long run. It was time to relax, and as we lay in the sand with the sun gazing down upon us, we spoke about the greater things in life, we spoke about what we would like to do with our futures.
“I think that I’m going to end up doing great things. I might not get any kinda fame or anything, but I’ll certainly contribute to a good cause or invent something. I don’t know” said Chuck as he looked out at the water.
“I think I’ll end up being a professional soccer player. I know I’m aiming high, but it’s a dream I’ve always had. Like winning the lottery hahah” Lillian said eagerly, as if the sky was the limit.
I began to tell them that I’ve always wanted to be a pilot, I wanted to overcome my fear of heights as ridding of fear will lead me towards my true goal. Overcoming my fear would open the world up to several other possibilities and I’d finally be able to become the ultimate Liam. Yeah, the ultimate liam.

We lay there with our eyes closed listening to the on goings. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Absolutely nothing could affect this incredible moment in time. The scents were still surrounding us, the happiness still in the air, the cheers of joy and genuine bliss.
Then it happened. It was like a flash of energy has pierced the planet striking at mock speed. I heard Chuck and Lillian screaming as loud as they possibly could, it sounded like death. I opened my eyes and I looked up at the sky. Suddenly, everything went cold, all in within the glimpse of an eye. My final thought.

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