Story of Aurora

May 6, 2013
One day a little girl wander too far in to the dangers of the woods; people had thought she had die, but something kept her alive and no one knows what. Nine years later, the pines roar as the spring rain drizzle on the roof of the den. A girl hair of brown eyes of blue sat in the den with a pack of wolfs. The packs lead alphas where Mia (Female Alpha) and Korosu (Alpha Male), they had five pups (All age of teens) Taka, Tike, Luna, Mara and Aurora (she’s the human). “Why must the rain be so dreadful and gloom” Aurora said “Be patience the springs rain brings us food and shelter” Mia said “Mother it’s so stiff in here” blurted Luna “Can’t you two just be quiet you’re like the cattle when they see us” Taka teased. Few hours late the rain had stop and its mid-day “Girls you are in charge, your mother and I are going out to see of the herds have arrived” Korosu barked he looked out of the cave with Mia then they both left.

Nearby was a village, a boy was standing at the entrance of the forest, he looked about the age of fifth teen hey wore patched up cloths he had brown hair and brown eyes. The boy stand there staring into the wood wandering what could be in there, another boy was running towards him yelling the boy’s name while he waved a newspaper “Jack” he repeated the name several times in till he got to him “Jack you’re in the news” he said panting. “What let me see” jack said snatching the newspaper out of his hang and started to read it “Hah local boy saves mayor of the towns daughter” Jacked said then with a pause he continue reading “this stuff is baloney almost every word in here is a lie, the only part that’s true is the fact I save her” he said “here’s your stupid newspaper back joey” he slapped it on to joeys chest “so what you going to do know” Joey asked “well I’m going to the forest to get some quiet” Jack said “Oh, well be careful” he said walking away “I will” muffled Jack as he enter the forest.

Back at the den Mia and Korosu had gotten back “The herds haven’t arrived yet” Mia barked “and I don’t think they will if those blasted villagers keep building farm land” she continue “maybe I could ask them to stop” Aurora said “no its too risky” Korosu barked “oh, ok” Aurora sighed. “Can we hunt for some squirrels or something” Mara said “yes why don’t all five of you go out to hunt alone, more food we get the better” Mia said they all listen and left to hunt. After hunting a few times Aurora saw a bull elk she hold her spear up ready to kill it then a twig snapped scaring of the elk “just my luck” she mumbled then a twig snapped again “hello anyone there” she glanced around and her surroundings started changing “hello” a voice said Aurora glance around. It was herself but younger “mommy are you there” she said again. Aurora walked up to her and touches her then a growled came with a voice “hush don’t scream and your death will be less painful”. Aurora looked where the voice was coming from it was a wolf, the younger herself terrified said “no, you can’t eat me” and the wolf replied “yes I can”; it lunges itself at her and both of them screamed, Aurora stepped backwards tripping and everything turned normal.

Jack heard the screamed and rushed towards it he stopped when he saw Aurora “need help miss” he reached out and helped her up “who are you” she said pulling away from his grip “my names Jack” he said “and you are” “its Aurora” she said picking her spear up “thanks I guess, I have to be on my way” she said hesitating “your welcome, question will I ever see you again “he asked “probably not” she said then she turned away and started running home. Next day Aurora, Luna, Mara, Taka, and Tike were talking and siting close to the village. “So who was it you met again” Mara asked “his name was jack” Aurora said “maybe will see him” Luna happily said “nah if we went and greeted him he freaked out” Tike said “aw come on can’t we try” Luna said. Mara glance over towards the village and asked “is that him” Aurora looked at the boy “yes that’s him” she said “come on then” Mara said as she started running “Mara” they all screamed “well come on we can’t let her go alone” Luna said before they all ran after Mara. “Hey look it’s a dog” Joey said bending down to pet Mara “are you sure it looks like it’s from the woods” Jack questioned “well, no” Joey said sighing petting then glance up to see Aurora and more wolfs coming “Mara” Aurora said “you know that if mom and dad finds out we left the forest they’ll kill us” Mara looked at Jack and Joey then sighed and with a slight bark, she talked “I know and I’ll take all the blame”. “Did that wolf just talk” Joey said “yes I did” Mara talked, and a loud thud hit the floor, poor joey had fainted.

“Wait so they can talk” Jack said “well yes they can” Aurora said as a crowd grew around them with people mumbling then someone blurted out “It’s a devil sent to kill us all” and people looked around and some agreed “we must get rid of them from the forest or we’ll all die” shouted another villager “no” Aurora said “Either your with your own kind or your working for them” shouted one villager then a loud growl came from the forest, it was Korosu and the pack. They leaped out of the forest and walked in to the crowd “you disobeyed me “he said “now look what happen we’re in danger” he looked around. “This must stop just because they can talk doesn’t mean they aren’t good” Jack said “they could be spirits guarding the forest” he continued, the crowed mummer “and think about the farm land and stuff if they are guardians then that means we are the devils because we destroyed most of their home” he continue “I agree with this kid” shouted someone “we don’t know how they can talk but we know that they haven’t caused us trouble, I’m the mayor I should know” he continue “we shall save the forest and let you be on your way” he finished and the crowd started deforming . “Thank you” Aurora said as she jumped to hug Jacked “your welcome” he said. The pack thanked him and left and long time after Jacked and Aurora became husband and wife and they built a house near the pack of wolfs and the herds continue coming back, the end.

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