July 15, 2008
There once was a girl who was falling in love and yes that girl was me. His name is Luke he’s tall, dark, and sexy. He likes to stoke my hair back when I’m upset or when it’s in my eyes. He is 18. He is an Italian. His family is originally from Italy. They moved here because they thought Canada was a new and interesting place that they could live. Now, you’re probably wondering about me. I am a girl who is desperately, utterly, in love. I am 17. My hair is bright orange. My eyes are hazel. Luke call’s me hazel nut because of my eyes. And also the fact that my name is Hazel. I have a sister who is 20 and were pretty close. She lives out in Ontario were as I live here, in Nova Scotia.
” HAZLEEEEEL” Luke calls at me yet again I was imagining what our life would be like together if we stuck together 20 years from now. Then Luke says,
“HAZLE! Are we going to get started on our English project or what?”
“YA! WAKE UP!” Said Jessica
I’m doing my English project with Luke and my best friend since primary Jessica.
I slowly open my eyes and realize that I’m still in my boring English class.
“Man I hate English”
”Yes, I hear that girl!” Jessica is such an awesome friend to go threw high school with I hope she never has to leave. Were making a poster that’s supposed to have our favorite artists and a blurb about them. Luke gets up, I stop him “Were are you off to?” I have realized that I have become more and more protective of him since his parents divorced three weeks ago. I’m protective for a lot of reasons because of that but mostly because last week I went to his house and I found him in the library that they have taking books from the book shelf and throwing them on the ground.
”Relax babe, I’m just going to go get us some color pencils from Nick”.
Nick is Lukes drug dealing friend. Jessica saves the day “Luke, I have colored pencils already” is what she says.
Then Luke says “I’m going to go look at his poster then” never have I ever seen Luke so persistent to go and see Nick. “Luke, don’t go do what I think your going to”. He kneels down beside me and takes a strand of my hair that was in my eyes. I grab his hand. “Don’t do this to us or to yourself, please, Luke, don’t” Then nick says to me in response,
”Babe, I swear on my granny’s grave that I’m just going to see Nicks poster”
“Don’t lie to me, your going over there to get drugs. We all know it Luke!”
I say and I think I said it a little to loud. He gets up angry and pulls up his stupid gangster pants. Then he walks towards Nick. I start to feel the tears ready to come down my face. Then Jess says,
“I’m sorry Hazel, I tried” She comes over and gives me a hug and tells me that it’s going to be OK when I know for a fact it’s not.
Before I know it’s the next day and it’s lunchtime. Luke tried and tried again to make me forgive him but I just kept shutting him out. He told me to sit with him at lunch. So, I go and sit by him at lunch. And when I come over with my lunch, a salad, a piece of pizza, and some coke. He says “Baby, I’m SO sorry about what happened in English, PLEASE forgive me!” Then I noticed Jessica and waved her over. Luke gently kissed me on my head and said “Baby, ancer me are you ok hazel nut?” Luke said to me. Finally I turned to him “I just don’t want you to do to many drugs Luke, I mean I know you already have a reputation about being a rebel. But, I don’t want you to get hurt like the guys in the movies do.”
“Baby, I’m fine I’ve never bin better and I feel great” Then Luke looked up from me to someone in the lunch line. And added “Look, Hazel I got to go have a smoke so all be back soon Kay?” He gives me a hug and leaves. Then I look up to find none other then Nick and some of Luke’s other friends waiting for him.
All of a sudden I start thinking about how Luke is 18 and soon, very soon he’s going to graduate. I start thinking about his future when all of a sudden Jessica taps me on the shoulder and says “HAZLE!” I look up, startled. “Hua? What?” I say to her. “I said how have you bin since English, and were is Luke?” Is what Jessica says back .
”I’ve bin fine, and Luke is with his dum ass friends again.”
Hazel and me ate lunch and talked about make up, and boys she liked, and we avoided the subject of Luke.
The next day is Saturday and Luke calls me on the phone and asks if I want to go to a party with him. He tells me it’s his friend Fred’s party. I ask him “Can we bring Jessica with us?” He says yes and tells me he’ll pick Jessica and me up at 8:00pm because that’s when the party starts.
When and Jessica Luke and me get to the party there’s a live DJ playing some killer beats and the party is hopping. People are drinking and smoking only god knows what. I dressed in a red dress that had a V-neck. Jess had on some sexy low-rise jeans and we both were wearing make up. And Luke wore his stupid gangster pants that I hate and he spiked his hair, and was wearing a black blouse and I loved his hair and the blouse.
There are some games going on. One looks like a weird card game with booze involved. There’s also a table were a person go ’s and sits with there face faceing up and people but TUNS of beer in the persons mouth and chips, whip cream, soda and we’ll there getting all of this stuff in there mouth there not only sliding up the table but there also trying to sing. There were a bunch of other party games, but thows were the ones I noticed most.
Then the party started dieing down and Luke and his friend Fred go out to the kitchen. Which leaves Jessica and me alone in Fred’s living room and of course some people who got to drunk to leave yet. Jessica and me started talking when we herd a BANG!
Coming from the kitchen. Then we both slowly go into the kitchen. I am shocked at what I see. There’s a glass mirror that’s broken on the floor and a whole bunch of white powder stuff.
”WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!” I scream at Luke. I point at the white powder and the mirror. “IS THIS COCAINE?” I scream even louder. Luke just looks at me and stands there. Maybe he’s sending me ESP I think to myself.
He comes to me and starts trying to sooth me.
“Babe, It’s just Cocaine, I swear all never do it again, I just wanted to try some”
He pulls me into a hug. I look down at his arms, the arms that have calmed me down from many fights. And then I notice band aids on one of his arms. “Why do you have band aids on your arm?” I take one off and notice little needle marks.
“SO, we’ll I was worrying about were shooting drugs up into your arms? Well I was wondering were you were at lunch THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE DOING?!” I take his hand and I feel something kinda like a sticker on his hand. I lift it up. “IS THIS LSD?!”
I start crying..O my god.o my god my boyfriend is a drug addict.
“ Hazel I was only trying a few drugs, don’t tell me you’ve never wanted to try drugs” He says. Then Luke says to me.
“Come on Hazel, try some with me” Then Jessica says “I will, I want to try some”
Luke takes a sticker out of his pocket and hands one to Jessica then he hands one to Hazel.
Hazel didn’t know if it was the smoothness of his voice or the Beer she had bin drinking but she took it and tried it. It felt good. Soon she felt like a cloud in the sky. All bubbly and light.
Fred eventually kicked them out and told them he’d see them all later. They all jumped into Luke’s car.
Luke started driving a little swerve and crooked.
All of a sudden there was a big flash of white light. Then they were in the ditch and surrounded by grass. The windshield was cracked. Hazel looked in the mirror at her self. She had a scrape on her chin, and a bump on her head, and her ribs felt broken. “LUKE!” She called out. “JESSICA!”
”WAKE UP!” She went over to shake Luke. She noticed Luke was worse off then she was. Luke had blood running from his leg. And a big scrape on his head. Then Hazel looked at Jessica and Jess had a few scrapes on her arm and some bumps as well.
All of a sudden Luke and Jessica woke up. The Luke said “Everyone alright?”
Hazel and Jess nodded. “What the hell happened?” Asked Jessica.
“We were in an accident DUAH!” Said Luke. All of a sudden everyone started to laugh. I mean we were just in an accident this is no time to laugh but some how we were.
Two weeks after the accident Luke slowed down on the drugs, and they all went to see a therapist. And the school physiologist. Jessica and Luke and Hazel are still good friends. And Hazel is still in a relationship with Luke.
They all realized around the same time that their lives would never be the same again. They had learned a life lesson. And never would they be so stupid again.

All of the people that have died in a car accident or have bin in one.

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