Out Foxed

June 9, 2008
By Leo Geggis, Topsfield, MA

2:34 a.m., January 16, 2049, on the shores of Russia.

A small metal boat drifts on to the beach. A man in a wet suit steps onto the shore and brings his hand up to his ear.
“Fox, can you hear me?” says a voice out of the communicator that the man just turned on.
“Loud and clear, Sergeant,” says the man.
“Good, you are to infiltrate the Russian base just over the ridge.”
“Yes sir.”
“By the way we have another agent that will be helping you through your communicator in this mission. Her name is Andrea Stevenson; she will be giving you information on your gear and any other weapon.”
“Fox, this in Andrea. Open the case in the boat,” says a female voice.
“Okay, got it,” says Fox
“In the case is a tranquilizer gun. It holds one dart at a time, so you need to reload it after firing. Try to shoot people in the neck because the sedative will reach their brain faster. Use this as often as possible, because it’s the most silent gun you have and we want as few casualties as possible. The next item is a silent tazer; use this up close instead of the tranquilizer gun to save darts. Another item is the M9 pistol with a silencer. Use this in emergencies only. There is also a combat knife, and wire for silent kills, setting traps, and other usages. You also have a pair of goggles with night vision capability for scoping out an area.”
“Okay, but why am I warm when I am only wearing a wet suit.”
“Your suit may look like a normal wet suit, but it’s a state of the art stealth suit. It is made with nanotechnology that keeps you warm, makes almost no noise when moving, has padded soles to keep noise levels down, and camouflage capability that makes you virtually invisible for up to thirty seconds long,” she says in an excited voice.
“It’s cool, but calm down.”
“If you have any questions just call.”
“Alright, call us once you are at the base,” says the Sergeant.
“Roger,” says Fox.

Fox climbs up the ridge. When he gets to the top he takes out the goggles. He turns on the night vision and looks down upon the Russian base. He is facing the main entrance. There are spotlights and guards every where.
“Fox, there are too many spotlights and guards to go through the main entrance. Try to find a ventilation shaft to go in through,” says the Sergeant.
“Fox, be careful. They have AK-74s: they’re fully automatic assault rifles,” says Andrea.
“Okay,” says Fox.
Fox looks around with the goggles and finds a ventilation shaft with only one guard near by. Fox puts the goggles away and climbs down the ridge. He creeps over to the vent just far away enough to still be in the shadows. He takes out the tranquilizer gun, and shoots the guard in the neck. The guard collapses. Fox opens the shaft’s grate and takes out the wire. He ties pieces of the wire to both of the guard’s shoulders and to the grate. Then he crawls into the shaft. When he is a good way in, he pulls the wire attached to the guard and drags the guard in behind him. Next, he pulls the wire attached to the grate and that pulls it shut. Then he continues to crawl through the shaft.
“Good job Fox,” says the Sergeant. “Keep going along the shaft until you get to another grate. Then pull the camera wire out of the suit near your right wrist. Push it through the grate and look around. When it is safe, open the grate and jump down.”

Fox crawls along the shaft and pulls out the wire. When he pulls it out, a small screen comes out of the communicator and flips over his right eye. He pushes the camera wire through the grate and looks around. There are two men talking. Fox waits for a while, and when it seems that they aren’t going to move he pulls out his M9. Before he can shoot, a man comes in who looks as if he is a superior officer. The man yells at them in Russian and they all walk off. Fox then opens the grate and jumps down, into what appears to be the guard’s locker room.

“Okay, now go over to the computer and insert the chip that is in your suit’s left wrist,” says the Sergeant. “Then download the map of the base.”

Fox takes the chip out of the suit’s wrist, inserts it into the computer, and starts the download. He hears a noise and hides in one of the lockers. A guard walks in and starts to look around.
“Fox, it’s Andrea. Don’t worry: he can’t hear you when you’re on the communicator because the implant in your brain takes the information your brain sends to your body to speak, intercepts it, and sends it to us through the communicator. Watch out for the UMP submachine gun he is carrying and stun him. After you stun, him hide the body and take his security card.”
“Okay,” replies Fox.

Fox quietly opens the locker and takes out the silent tazer. He sneaks up behind the guard and stuns him. Fox drags the guard and stuffs him in the locker. He takes the guard’s security card and his radio. Then he takes the chip out of the computer and puts it back into the suit’s wrist.
“Fox, to bring up the map, just press the button next to the chip and the same screen that came out of the communicator when using the wire camera will come out and show you the map,” says Andrea.
Fox presses the button and the screen comes out and brings up the map.
“The green dot on the map is you,” instructs the Sergeant. “The information we need is in Science Lab 2.”
“You should probable head to the armory first to get more equipment,” says Andrea. “The guards inside the Labs are even more heavily armed than the normal guards.”
“Okay, I’ll go to the armory first,” responds Fox.
Fox checks where the armory and Science Lab 2 are, and then presses the button again to close it. Fox starts walking down the hall, until he hears a noise. He then jumps off one wall then the next, getting higher each time until he is at the ceiling. Then he spreads all of his limbs and pushes. This holds him against the ceiling. Two men walk under him without noticing him. Fox then jumps down. As soon as he does this, a guard walks from behind the corner. Before the guard can say any thing, Fox takes out his combat knife and throws it. It is propelled through the air and into the guard’s skull. Fox rushes over to the body and drags it into the nearest closet. Fox shoves the body into the closet, takes his combat knife out of the guard’s skull with a sickening suction noise, and wipes it on the guard’s shirt. He then continues to the armory.
Fox finally finds the armory, but he is unable get in because he doesn’t have a high enough security card.
“Andrea, I need to open the door. Can you help?” says Fox.
“Fox, open the panel that the card swiper is attached to and plug the wire from your communicator into it and I will open the door for you,” responds Andrea.
Fox opens the panel using his knife and plugs the wire in.
“Good,” says Andrea. “Now swipe the card and then your card will have access to all the rooms.”
Fox swipes his security card and the door opens. He then puts the panel back and enters the room.
In the armory, there are a variety of assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, shot guns, rocket launchers, grenades, explosives, and knives.
“Fox, grab some flash bangs. When they explode, they emit a blinding light and an ear shattering noise. This blinds and deafens a person for minutes,” says Andrea. “Also, grab some tear gas grenades, they let out tear gas. Also some frag grenades, which, when they explode, break apart the metal shell into a bunch of sharp metal fragments.”
Fox grabs three of each grenade, and grabs some C4 as well.
“Alright Fox,” says the Sergeant. “Go to Science Lab 2.”
Fox leaves the armory and heads towards Science Lab 2. He is almost there when he sees a heavily armed Russian.
“Fox, he has a Heckler & Koch G-36 assault rifle,” says Andrea “They have some punch, so be careful.”
“The body armor looks thick and they have a neck guard,” says Fox
“You have permission to use a deadly force. Try to hit the head, as it’s the least protected part,” responds the Sergeant.
Fox take out the M9 and shoots him in the back of the head. The guard collapses. Where his face was is now a bloody crater. The wall in front of the guard is splattered with blood with chunks of brain and scull mixed in. Fox wipes the blood up as best as he can. He then swipes the card through Science Lab 2’s card swiper and drags the body in as he enters.
“Fox, insert the chip into the computer and then plug the cable in your communicator into the computer as well,” says Andrea.
Fox takes the chip out of the suit’s wrist and inserts it into the computer. He then pulls the cable out of his communicator and plugs it into the computer.
“Hold on,” says Andrea.
A few minutes went by and then …
“I got it,” says Andrea. “I got the information.”
“Alright Fox,” says the Sergeant. “It was good having you on board, but we can’t let out any of the information about America’s interest in Gynoids. Good bye.”
“Bye, have fun,” says Andrea in a peppy voice.
Then the communicator was silent. Fox unplugs the cable and removes the chip. He picks up the guard’s Heckler and Koch G-36 assault rifle, and leaves the room.
As Fox is creeping through the corridors, he notices that it is awfully quiet. Suddenly he hears a noise coming from the radio he grabbed from the guard in the locker room. He plugs his communicator into it so he can understand what is being says.
“Something happened,” says the voice. “The Gynoid escaped and is destroying everything, someone--Aaaaaah!”
Then the radio transmission was lost. At that moment Fox hears gigantic foot steps, crushing, and screaming coming closer. He drops the radio, and runs. He runs and found the front entrance open from other people escaping. He sprints out of the base and into a clearing.
As he turns around a fifteen foot monster with a ten foot canon strapped to its back bursts into the same clearing as Fox.
The monster, which fox figured to be the Gynoid, lets out a deep blood curdling roar. The Gynoid has blood strewed on his back with various body parts in his teeth. It takes the half eaten body in its hand and throws it at Fox. Fox easily dodges the body but is almost trampled by the Gynoid that had thrown it.
Fox shoots the Gynoid with the Heckler and Koch G-36 assault rifle, but it doesn’t seem to do anything other than annoy the creature. It then charges at Fox again and seeing this as an opportunity, grabs one of the chains that is attached to the Gynoid and climbs up to the canon. He puts the C4 on the canon’s ammunition. Then, using his wire, ties the frag grenades to the C4. He then ties separate pieces of the wire to the grenade’s pins and then twists the different pieces of wire into a cord.
Fox turns on his camo and slides down the chain and pulls the cord of wire. As he is running the grenades explode, setting off the C4 which blow up the canon’s ammunition, and the Gynoid with it.
As it is raining Gynoid gore, Fox mutters to himself, “Great. Now what am I going to do.”

At this moment a US missile lands on what is left of the base and vaporizes everything within a one mile radius.

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This article has 3 comments.

sarah1022 said...
on Sep. 23 2008 at 5:32 am
great story Leo!

puck13 said...
on Sep. 19 2008 at 2:39 am
good work Leo! definitely exhibiting some potential

Leogno said...
on Sep. 16 2008 at 11:33 pm
This is the best story I ever read.


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