Kidnapped at the Mall

May 27, 2008
Kidnapped at the mall


One day a girl named Rachel who is 13 lives in New Mexico and has to move up to Montana. She has to move because her dad got promoted to a new job which he would become the boss. Rachel’s mom Natasha told her this information right after she became present of her school and captain of the all girls school soccer team. She was not noticed that often and did not have a lot of friends.

Then the teacher said to her that “this is an all girls school and you cant be here you need to go to the NMAB ( New Mexico all boys) school.”

She thought to her self that it might be a good decision to go to Montana. A week before they had to leave a girl named Sylvia was talking about a really cool website that she saw her brother going on it was called When Rachel got home she had made a talkaspace to see if it was really cool like Silvia said it was. Four days before they had to leave for Montana. She got a friend request from a guy who said he was some one that he really wasn’t.

Then he started to ask questions. It was getting closer to the day that they where suppose to leave. He asked her “if she lives in new Mexico or some were else.”

She replied “New Mexico.”

Then he asked “do you got to school at the all girls school or a public school.”

She replied “all girls school.” Then he started to ask more personal questions.

Some like “do you like anyone “

She replied “you.”

Then he asked “what is your phone number” after she replied her mom had walked into her room. Then asked her “who are you talking to.”

She told her a kid named &*%#$

which that was his name on, his real name was +-*/=™*&%$ her mom does not now that. He started to fallow her around with out her knowing also He started to get real creative. #^**% had started to go around with a girl outfits on and asking her where different stuff is and so he could over hear there conversations.

Then a day before they had top leave he had asked her “ want to meet before you leave.”

She said “yes, where would we go”

He said “at the food court in the Pontachuch mall at three tomorrow”

She said “ok.”

Then it was the next day and time to get ready to meet *™+-*/ at the mall. Her house was right around the corner from the mall. She had to write her mom a note that said:
Hello mom,
I am going to the library to study
With Tasha then I will go to her house.

“Know I am off” she had said. She had gone to the food court and she sate there.
A man came over and asked “are you Rachel.”

She said “yes”

Then she asked “are you /-**/+/-*/+.”

He said “yes.”

Then he said “ I am the on from”

After he said that he said “lets go out side”

He grabbed her from the arm and took her out side.

Then he said “if you scream will capture your mom too.”

When her mom got home she saw the note and called Sylvia’s house to tell her that Rachel needs to come home.

Sylvia’s mom said “oh Rachel came over I don’t think she is here.”

Then she had call the polioes and said that her child is missing.

She asked “her to come down and what is your childes name, age, and a description of what she looks like”

After that they had to track down this guy so her mom went onto her and looked up his name and where he lives. Also they went on to search a and up came his name on the search engine. The swat team went to his house and kicked down his door. Laying on the ground was a knife and blood trails leading to his room. Also the blood tracks had lead to the bed underneath his sheets was Rachel’s outfit. Under the bed was Rachel’s body. She had burses and blood marks on her.

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