May 23, 2008
T - O - R - I

T - O - R - I

T - O - R -

I sat there tracing my name over and over again.

Absently, blankly, almost stupidly letting my pencil go across the already engraved letters a dozen more times.

i probably could have closed my eyes and continued to trace those letters aligning each one with the last so absolute and defined.

T - O - R - I

T - O - R - I

"Tori..." by now i was saying it to myself.

"Tori..." but as i said it, my voice was masculine. how strange i thought.

T - O - R - I


T - O - R - I


T - O - R _

"Davis...what was that for?" i glared back at him for breaking my pattern.

He pointed to a fat man standing in front of me; staring down at my desk where my TORI scibbled paper lay. His face was in deperate need of a date with a sharp peice of metal or two and his shirt wouldn't have offended me had the girth been let out a little bit more.

Those eyes though...those ugly hazel eyes so full of anger and frustration...i didnt want to critique them though. they might have set me on fire.

"Tori." i found the form of my masculine voice at long last. it was too bad. he ruined my image. i pictured myself as a handosme guy. but given the reality, i would choose to stay a girl now.

"Tori." i looked away from this ginormous masculine me, trying to remove myself from the reality that had placed me in that hideous body.

"Tori." impatiently.

A smile formed on my face looking at my classmates giggling. i was lost and that is a terrifying feeling.

"Tori. Can you please tell me what we are discussing?"

i nodded.

"Tori...well?" impatiently again.

i cleared my throat and prayed i was lying correctly.

"Dr. ***** sir, i believe that we were discussing the importance of a character's name and why an author chooses to give the character that name."

He frowned and huffed.

"Daryn. please tell me why you think this character was named appropriately."

He spoke, but timidly. he did not want the death stare for being stupid.

"Dr. ***** sir, a name is important for characterization because it represents the characters nature and personality. an author does not want to portray a Hunter, but name him Leonard. this character i suppose called for her name based on how the author inteded for her to appear to readers."

i breathed deeply, relieved that the big monster in my closet was thwarted by my fortunate ADD.

i really did try to pay attention, but it was so boring. this and that. blah blah blah...

Somewhere between characterizing by actions and characterizing by relationships with other characters i began to trace letters again...

T - O - R - I

T - O - R - I

T - O - R - I

T - O - R -

I wondered if i was named correctly.

who is the definition of TORI?

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