The Sappire Wave

May 14, 2008
By Lauren Ring, Clarkston, MI

Miss. Tomas, we have arrived, said Andrew. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath, my chest moving up and down. Here I am once again sitting in a limo, with the same feeling I had just 2 and a half months ago. I pulled the handle on the door and pushed it open. My patent leather Prada pumps clicked and clacked all the way in the door. Andrew carried my bags in and laid them on the linoleum floor in the lobby. The student at the desk gave me a key attached to a silver ring with the number 406 on it.
Just my luck, I whispered to myself. He will always be a part of me where ever I go.
Your room is on the 4th floor, go all the way and it’s on your left, he said.
So I picked up the handle on my Louis Vuitton duffle bag and lugged it over to the elevator. I was so anxious to get there a constant smile laid upon my face. When I finally arrived at the end of the hallway I stood at the door and waited. I looked down at the ground then drug my eyes all the way up the door until I read a sign that said “Welcome Bella! Under it was Room 406.” This is the beginning to my new life I said to myself. I took a deep breath, pulled my clutch out from under my bony arm, undid the toggle, stuck my freshly painted finger nails in and grasped the key. I slid the key in the hole and turned it to the left. I grabbed the door knob and turned it; pushed the door open and stepped in. I walked in to see my new dorm. This is my new life I said to myself, here I am alone with no one to bother me, and this is exactly what I want. I no longer have to walk into my room and feel afraid or worried. I gazed into the mirror hanging in the bathroom. I saw a beautiful girl with long blonde cascading hair that dangled on my lower back. My glowing green eyes lay underneath sheer eye shadow and long lashes coated with mascara. I no longer saw that ugly person, covered with bruises, cuts, or a broken heart. I now saw a happy woman that loved who she was.

I remember like it was yesterday when I met Aaron. After the junior prom we ended up at a party together. I remember how sexy he looked. His short brown hair was spiked up just a little in the front and his teeth were straight and white. When he smiled it sent shivers down my spine. He looked gorgeous wearing his Varsity jacket loaded with patches and metals. For such a perfect looking guy he’s bound to have a perfect personality; but I was wrong. Just two weeks after we started dating Aaron starting acting obsessive. I personally thought it was cute. Seeing that this was my first boyfriend, I thought this was how all boyfriends were.
Next weekend, on the ride home from the game our hands were interlocked resting on the armrest. I felt my phone vibrate in my purse. My phone was to always be off or on silent when I was around Aaron. Aaron turned down the Kenny Chesney song that was blaring from his radio.
What is that noise, he asked me.
I love this song turn it up! I said.
I knew that I was going to get it if my phone was on.
No turn it off! Aaron yelled.
Aaron pulled over on the side of the dirt road slamming on his breaks so hard my seatbelt locked and sent my neck jerking forward. Aaron got out of the car and began digging through my bag. He started throwing everything out in the road. At the bottom of my bag he found the vibrating cell phone. The illuminated screen flashed Sophia’s picture.
Aaron I’m sorry, I said, I forgot to turn it off please just let me have it.
Aaron said nothing and threw the cell phone into the woods. Dirt flew in the air as Aaron kicked it, leaving a dust cloud around the car. We drove home in silence leaving me scared and without a cell phone.
I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t mean to do it. It’s just that when I am with you I don’t want any interruptions, I want to be alone with you, Aaron said as tears rolled down his cheek.
I didn’t want to accept the apology, but I knew that I should. I knew that I loved him and that’s when I said:
Its all right I understand, ill just tell my mom I lost it. Aaron kissed me goodbye and then drove away.
My mom was waiting for me at the door. She looked at me with angry eyes and a stiff mouth.
Where were you Bella? You were told to be home at 5 o’clock.
My mouth dropped open; I had totally forgotten.
I tried to call you but your phone was off.
My battery died, I said in a whisper. I knew this wasn’t the right moment to tell, her that I had “lost” my phone. I told my mother that I was sorry then went upstairs to my room. I went into my bathroom placed my back up against the wall and slid down on the floor. My bright green eyes filled with tears. That night I cried myself to sleep.
The next morning, the window was cracked open just a little, which made my curtains blow and dance in the air. As the sun peeked in through the blinds, I felt the warmth on my face, but I did not open my eyes.
Bella, my mom yelled, Sophia is here to pick you up.
My eyes shot open and I leaped out of bed.
Sophia? Sophia? Why is Sophia here? I thought to myself. I heard the door bell ring again. I ran to the window, pulled the curtains out of the way, opened the blinds and saw Aaron’s car in my driveway. I had totally forgotten that Sophia and I were going prom dress shopping that morning. I squeezed into my jeans and tank top, and ran down the stairs to find Aaron and Sophia standing there with irritated faces.
What is going on, I thought we were going dress shopping today, questioned Sophia.
No your not, said Aaron. We have plans to eat breakfast with my parents, yelled Aaron.
Aaron’s face grew red and his mouth stiffened. He then walked over to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me outside to his car. When I looked back I saw Sophia looking out the window. He then grabbed both of my arms, and pulled me really close to him, our faces were practically touching. Releasing his fingers he pushed me on the ground, then quickly he pulled me back up, but he wasn’t done.
Aaron please stop! I’m sorry! Please stop, I cried.
You better be quiet Bella you wouldn’t want anyone to hear, now you be a good girlfriend and get your a** up, he whispered in my ear.

Please God, please let someone help me. I thought to myself.
He then made his hand into a fist; his fingers squeezed so hard his hand turned white. He brought his hand back then swung his arm and hit me right across the face. Aaron then got in his car and sped off. I laid there on the burning hot cement in shock. I will never forget that day for as long as I live.
I heard foot steps come towards me but I did not pick up my head. My eye was already starting to swell. It hurt to open it. I sat there scared and afraid. I started to get up but my hands were torn. I picked up my hands, and tried ever so softly to peel open my eye. Right as I did I saw Sophia platform flip flops.
I saw the whole thing, she said.
Please just leave, I whispered. I walked up the path with my head hung, looking at tulips that lined the walkway. The two golden doors that lead to the inside of my house I was ashamed to walk through. The walk up the spiraling staircase and down the hallway covered with art and hand painted walls seemed never ending. When I reached my room I sat in front of my full length mirror. Bruises shaped like fingers began to appear on my arms, blood oozed from my hands and elbows from where I had landed on the scorching cement. How would I explain this black eye to my family? If he loves me so much then why am I sitting here covered in blood? I questioned myself. I told myself daily that how Aaron treated me was wrong, but I was scared to be alone. I could never tell my mother what he did to me, she adored him so much. After a while I learned to just stick it out and forget about it.
The smell of hairspray filled my bathroom, and covered the marble floors. The make up did not cover up my black eye on my prom night. The dress I bought the day before had to be blue. I had to cover my left eye in moonlight blue MAC eye shadow so that it would match my left eye. When I was finished I waited at the top of the spiraling staircase and gazed down at my parents. As I walked down the stairs my long silk sapphire Versace gown blew behind me. My vintage diamond earrings made little dancing circles on the walls around me. I should look and feel like a princess but I felt like an ogre.
When the limo arrived I was so nervous to see Aaron. I hadn’t seen him since our fight.
Bella you look gorgeous, my mother said.
But something didn’t feel right to me. Wasn’t I supposed to feel happy on my prom night? My mom walked me out to the limo with Aaron’s boutonniere in my hand. Andrew, the limo driver, walked out of the limo and opened the door for me.
Here you are Miss. Thomas he said. I bent down and looked inside. BELLA!! 20 voices screamed. The 21st voice was not there; Aaron was that 21st voice. I crept in the limo and snuggled in right next to Sophia. The boutonniere sat in my lap for the duration of the ride.
When we arrived at the hotel, I sat and watched people dance. I knew that I wasn’t allowed to dance with other boys. At the end of the night I walked out of the hotel and saw Aaron standing there with a bouquet of roses.
I’m sorry baby, I missed everything. I had to help coach clean out the lockers for summer practices, cried Aaron.
Clean out the lockers? Clean out the lockers? On prom night? I questioned myself. He is full of s***. How could he do this to me on prom night? Just leave me like a fool in front of my friends and family. I wanted to smack him across the face. But he did look really good in the tux.
Its okay, I forgive you. I whispered. Aaron then reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a little white card with a black strip on the back.
I got us a room, the best room in the whole hotel, he said.
Sweat started to roll down the side of my face. He then took me by the hand and led me into the elevator and up to room 406. My eyes were then covered with the silk shawl from my dress. His moist hands gripped my arms from behind. My knees then hit the side of the bed.
I have been waiting for this night for a long time, he whispered into my ear. He took the shawl off my eyes and pulled out a bottle of vodka from his bag. We began drinking; before we knew it the room was spinning. A sapphire wave flew through the air.
I was awakened by the sunlight like every morning, but I wasn’t in the hotel. My body started waking up. My toes cracked and wiggled. My body was snug between pillows. I stretched my body long as I raised my hands above my head. I felt silk sheets surrounding my body, but I was too tired to open my eyes. Where am I? I thought to myself. My legs and lower stomach were killing me; the pain was excruciating. When I finally opened my eyes I saw that I was in my own room. My inner thighs were covered in bruises. I began crying. What happened to me?! Where is Aaron? I yelled. My mom came running upstairs.
We found you this morning on the porch Bella, my mom said in a shaky voice.
Sophia told us that she last saw you leaving with Aaron, we assume that he was the one that did this to you, she said with her head hung.
The police are out right now looking for him, they said his parents haven’t seen him since 5 o’clock yesterday, she added.
I said nothing in response. I was in shock that Aaron did this to me and he was trying to get away with it.
Two hours later we got a call from the police. He told us that they found Aaron beating a girl in public he claims was his girlfriend. I’m not exactly sure what they did with him, but all I know is that he is not going to hurt me. I was free from the abuse and the pain. I no longer had to cry myself to sleep or look in the mirror and see the pain that was in my eyes.

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