Royalton Stable

May 8, 2008
By Brittany Pugh, Auburn, WA


“Dear Mrs. Paterson,

I, Tanya Frasier would like to send my daughter, Cassandra Frasier, to your Royalton Stable program for Teenage Problem Children. Cassandra has a problem with under age drinking and drug abuse, her father Thomas Frasier and I can not seem to get her under control and we need help. We did not raise her to be like this. Cassandra has been to Court four times, and the judge said that this is her last chance to get her act together or she will be in juvenile hall until she is nine-teen. Please Help. Cassandra is four-teen years old and our family hopes that you will accept her into your program. Her father and I would like to have her in a Christian environment, and your program is offers that. Please Help.

Sincerely Yours,

Tanya Frasier”

Mrs. Paterson read the Letter aloud to the teens she had in the program already. ”Do you guys think that we can help her?” Mrs. Paterson asked. In Unison all five teens said “YES!!” Then Matt one of the three boys stated “If you could help us, then I am positive that you can help her to a Christian life style.” “Ok, Then I guess the meeting is dismissed please go to your cabins and get some rest, we have an early morning ahead of us, we need to get this place ready for her.” Mrs. Paterson said. “And before you all go to bed I would like you to all write a little letter to Cassandra, and tell her a little about yourself and about how you ended up at Royalton Stables, and I would also like for you to attach a photo of yourself, I would like for you to give me your letters and photos at breakfast in the morning. While you guys are doing that I’ll write a letter to her mother saying that we accepted and that we would like her to join our program on the 21st of June.”

Dear Mrs. Frasier,

I have discussed it with the teens here at Royalton Stables and we accept. Please bring her over with all of her belongings on June 21st. We are all glad that she will be coming. Enclosed I have had all of the teens here at Royalton write a letter to Cassandra. The Teens and I can hardly wait for her to arrive.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Paterson


“Hurry, she will be here any minute!!” Mrs. Paterson said just as Cassandra pulled in. “Mom why do I have to come here? This place is so dirty! And it looks like a piece of junk!” Cassandra stated angrily. “Now just hold on a second you did it to yourself! And you wouldn’t be here if you had just listened to your father and me!” Mrs. Frasier said with tons of emotion. Mrs. Paterson stepped in and kind of invaded the argument. “Why don’t we go and sign the papers to verify that we have custody of Cassandra?” Mrs. Paterson suggested. “Cassandra this is Zoë and she will show you to your cabin and help you get settled. So hurry along girls.”
“Hey Cassandra can I call you Cassie?” Zoë asked. “Yeah, I would prefer it if you called me Cassie, is there any horses here?” Cassie asked as she put her clothes in the drawers and the bed spread on her bed.
“Yeah, there is this one it is an Akhal-Teke and its name is Sassaby, I think that Mrs. Paterson is going to put you on Sassaby, Sassaby is a Paint horse and she is gorgeous. She is Sorrel and White. We can go and see her in a little while after we finish unpacking you and meet the other kids and after we check in with Mrs. Paterson, and just so you know you will NOT be drinking or taking drugs at Royalton Stables! Do you understand?” said Zoë. “Yeah I get it lets go I am unpacked lets go meet the others and fast I want to meet Sassaby!” said Cassie excitedly, as she started to turn around she heard footsteps coming towards the cabin. As Cassie turned around all she could do was gasp, in her door way was a really cute boy she remembered his name, Matthew Coppertone. Ahh so cute! He had blue eyes and brunette hair. Cassie was brunette also and just so happened to be wearing a shirt that said “Brunettes have more fun”. Zoë interrupted her daydreaming and said “I guess that you met Matt, so we should go and meet the others.” After Cassie, Zoë, and Matt talked for a little while Matt said that Mrs. Paterson had sent him to retrieve them to come and say good by the Cassie’s parents. And to meet the horse she would be riding. After Cassie said Good by to her parents she met her horse, and sure enough she would be riding
Sassaby, and apparently her parents had already said that riding Sassaby would be just fine. “May I groom Sassaby?” Cassie asked. “Yes, you may after we have the evening worship and discuss the rules here at Royalton and after we have supper, then you may go groom her.” Mrs. Paterson replied.


Over dinner Mr. and Mrs. Paterson introduced Cassie to every one and it went something like this…
“Cassie this is Matt, Cassie this is Tommy, Cassie this is Drake, Cassie this is Sammy, Cassie this is Zoë…”

Then there were the rules that went like this…
“You can do this, you can not do this”, for about fifteen minutes!
The rules to Cassie were just hog posh except for the rule that went like this…

“We will trust you completely unless you give us a reason to not trust you.”

At worship that evening Matt Prayed the opening prayer and Drake did the Scripture the scripture was Acts 3:19 and it went like this…

So turn away from your sins. Turn to god. Then your sins will be wiped away. The time will come when the Lord will make everything new.

And yet some how even though Cassie had never been to church she felt an urging in her heart for more.
Cassie want to know more but she didn’t know how to ask for the book that the scripture came from. So she asked Zoë were to get one. And this is how Zoë replied. “Its called a bible and there is one on top of your dresser. Did you like that scripture? We have a bible lesson next month and we all get to read something that makes us happy that is in the bible. Would you like to join us? We would really like for you to pick your favorite bible story and read it to us. I can help you prepare for it tomorrow after our chores are done. That is you want to.” “I would love to what chores do we have?” Cassie asked Zoë. “Mr. and Mrs. Paterson tell us what they are after worship so we have no idea what chores we will be doing in the morning.” Zoë said mischievously. “Well what chores have you done before?” Cassie asked in a hushed tone. Zoë replied “TUL-tell you later” “Ok” Cassie stated flatly.

It was time for Mr. Paterson to tell a bible story in a grown-ups perspective. The story was about “Jonah and the whale”. And boy was he a good story teller. After worship it was time for hot chocolate and cookies to go over the chores and who would do what and what everyone’s plans for tomorrow were.
Drake’s chores were to feed the animals and water the plants.
Tommy’s chores were to walk the dogs and to turn out the horses.
Matt’s chores were to clean the tack and sweep the barn.
Zoë’s chores were to wash all the laundry and wash the horse trailer.
Sammy’s chores were to wash the trucks and to sweep the two cabins Cassie’s chores were to clean the bathrooms of the two cabins and wash all of the two cabins windows. And every one also had to muck out their horses stall and groom and ride their horses. And last to choose what classes they would be taking in the county fair the next day. After all the chores were done they were allowed to do what ever they wanted as long as they stayed on the farm.


Finally, thought Cassie I am all done. What am I going to do now? I guess I better go and meet my horse. As Cassie entered the Stable Sassaby stuck her head over the door way and whinnied a greeting. Cassie slipped in to Sassabys’ stall and started to think about how on earth she was going to clean this stall. Then she realized that she and Sassaby were no longer alone, she turned around and saw that Matt was looking at her with a questioning look on his face. “How do I clean out her stall? And with what?” Cassie asked. “With a wheel barrel and a pitch fork. Do you need help?” Matt said. “Yes I do need help, will you teach me how I have never ever mucked out a stall.” Cassie said sort of Embarrassed. While Matt went to get the wheel barrel and pitch fork Cassie started to tell Sassaby about how cute and nice Matt was, and as if Sassaby was agreeing she started to nod her head up and down, and then Matt said “why thank you Cassie your beautiful to. Opps, Cassie thought, I must have said that too loud. All Cassie could do was smile shyly. “Here take this and shovel the dirty saw dust in to the wheel barrel and then when the wheel barrel is full come with me, we are going to strip her stall clean and give her all new saw dust for her bed then I will help you groom her and saddle her then I will take you out on the trails, but before we hit the trails we have to tell Mrs. Paterson were we are going and about how long we will be gone.” Matt said sweetly. When the wheel barrel was full and then emptied and the stall was clean Cassie brought Sassaby out in to the isle and followed Matt to one of the grooming stalls and cross tied her. Matt left for a quick second to grab her tack and the grooming stuff. He brought all the stuff over and then left again to get his horse Modella, she is a palomino and she is gorgeous.
When both horses were saddled and bridled they led their horses towards the office to tell Mrs. Paterson were they were going. “Hi, Mrs. Paterson.” said Matt
“Oh good you’re here, um, oh all right I’ll just say it your parents were on there way back to Colorado, well they got in a accident and your Mother and father is in the hospital in New York.” Mrs. Paterson stated dryly.


“The doctor said that they are in fatal care and might not make it.” Mrs. Paterson said sadly. “the doctor said that they keep asking for you, so since you and Matt seem to get along so well I am sending matt with you to go and see your parents and if they pass away you will attend their funerals and when you come back you will live with us, you kind of are our adopted daughter to us. We love you.
Why don’t you and Matt go on a trail ride and when you get back we will help you pack.” Mrs. Paterson said with tears in her voice. So as Mrs. Paterson suggested they went on a trail ride and then Cassie started to cry quietly to her self. She hadn’t meant to be so outrageous she didn’t even tell her mom and dad that she loved them she just hugged them listened to their lecture that lasted all of three minutes. And basically told her to obey and be thoughtful of others feelings. Since Matt was leading the way he didn’t see or here her crying


When Matt and Cassie arrived at their destination to have lunch, Matt realized that Cassie had been crying. All Matt wanted was for Cassie to be happy, so he did the best to comfort her. So he held her and talked to her even though he was four months older than her he felt drawn to her, he loved her. “Cassie I am here, you will be fine, please don’t cry and tell me what you are thinking.” Matt said with a little bit of worry in his voice. After she had explained everything and told Matt how she felt. She started to feel better, a whole lot better. Cassie now knew that she had some one to love her, but what she didn’t know was that Jesus Christ has and will always love her.
When Cassie and Matt got back from their trail ride they untacked their horse and groomed them then put them in their stalls, and went to pack for their journey the next morning.


What should I pack? Thought Cassie, maybe I’ll go see what Matt is packing, or maybe I’ll just ask Zoë. And that is exactly what she did. After she confided to Zoë about what she should pack she went to see how Matt was doing with his packing. Turns out he was almost finished packing. And so she went back to her cabin and put some clothes in a pile on her bed, on her bed she had laid out some of the things listed… 5 tee shirts, 3 tank tops, 3 pajama bottoms, 5 jeans, 6 socks, enough under clothes, soap, shampoo and conditioner, a nice out fit for a funeral in case her parents died, tennis shoes, high heels, a hair brush, tooth paste and tooth brush, ect. That night she had a hard time sleeping so she went and sat on her porch, the cool air was crisp and refreshing, it felt wonderful, and as Cassie sat she began to feel drowsy, but she thought nothing of it. Cassie ended up falling asleep on her front porch. Apparently Matt could not sleep also so he sat by the window of his cabin and watched the stars, knowing that mountain lions prowled around at night that was when he realized that Cassie was on her front porch, at midnight! This was not good so Matt went over to her and carried her into her cabin and tucked her in. “Sweet dreams precious.” Matt whispered to Cassie as she slept.

It was the morning of her trip to her parents’ funeral and Cassie decided to 1oo%ly give her heart to Christ.

On the trip over Cassie slept and talked to matt.
They had finally arrived and soon the funeral was over the whole week seemed to fly by.

When Cassie and Matt got back to Royalton stables they had made an everlasting friendship together. And Christian lifestyles!

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