Dear Charlie....

May 3, 2013
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Dear Charlie,

I am glad you felt that you could express all of these emotions and feelings to me, even when we don’t even know each other. I never thought that anyone would notice that I didn’t want to take advantage of that girl; I guess the same way you didn’t think anyone noticed you. After reading all of your letters it gave me a pretty realistic perspective of your situations and I feel for you, I really do. I find it interesting that because of one thing you heard about me you decided to confine all your life events and problems to me, since you don’t even really know me. I guess that’s the best way to talk about your problems though. I think that you are truly the most unique person I have ever “met”. I am not really sure if you and I could ever become friends and I’m sorry, but I think that’s the right thing to do.

As you felt comfortable venting to me and coming to me as an escape from your problems, I think you at least deserve some feedback, some I bet you would never have expected to get. I think you sent these letters thinking that there would be no answer and it was simply a place where you could veil yourself and your family and escape from the bullshit. I wanted to take the time to express my thoughts and let you know that there are people who notice you, me being one of them. Throughout the chronicles of your letters one specific detail stuck out to me and I really do hope that you understand what it means. Sam was not just reprimanding you; she was giving you unbelievable advice that I hope you took to heart. You are more than just a wallflower, Charlie. There are people who care and who think about you constantly and I hope you know that. You have a unique ability when it comes to reading, writing, and analyzing. Although you think that everyone must come ahead of you, you’re wrong. You are someone also, and you need to realize that when these peers of yours and even teachers are telling you to participate, its not to criticize you, it’s merely to help you. These friends that you made and relationships you created show just how important participating can be. It doesn’t mean to go and try out for your varsity football team, but just the effort of putting your self first and being honest can do.

Charlie, I did not intend on writing a letter to condemn you for the mistakes or feelings you had, I believe that all of these things happened for a reason and you thought they were right, but I have some things I would like to ask you. When you were helping out your friend Patrick when he was upset and facing many hardships, why did you let him kiss you? Once I read this letter I could only think that you were being less of a friend than you think you were. I am not saying this to upset you in any way but I feel it is necessary to bring about. Your experience in Sam’s bedroom was one that absolutely blew my mind. When she said to you that although it is nice to put people ahead of you, it is necessary at times to do what YOU want and not what you think would help the other person. By kissing Patrick back you didn’t help him because like Sam said, you weren’t honest. I hope you look back that and take it as a life lesson. Enough of that, I want to stress to you how lucky you are to have made the relationships you did. You’re relationships with people such as Sam, Patrick, and Bill are extremely important and I hope you know that. They helped you find out things about your self that you probably never knew before. This leads me into my next thought about this dark place you say you occasionally go to.

As these letters kept coming to me the pieces began to fall together and create this picture that even you have just recently figured out. The situation with your aunt Helen was really emotional and I would never expect anyone to confine details like that to me, but I’m glad you did. I’m really sorry that you had to be put through this and I guess it makes sense now how you could be both happy and sad. I have never been in a situation like that before so I can’t relate, but I know how it feels to be confused. I never really thought that your feelings were all linked to the events that took place with your aunt but I guess it took the nostalgic feeling you got when Sam touched you, to figure it out your self. I feel guilt at times, I really do and I can understand how you feel like it was your fault that your aunt died. I really hope that this new knowledge of the situation helps you and you don’t get this feeling that you say reoccurs every so often.

Charlie, I hope this letter means as much to you as your letters meant to me. I hope you always remember that people do notice you and im glad that you noticed me as well. You have a family that cares dearly for you and friends that love you immensely. You’ve made a real impact on my life and I hope only the best for you. I wish that we could one day share our thoughts personally, but I think we are better off staying hidden. Please do try to participate, you possess so much potential and don’t deserve to feel the way you do. I wish you good luck in the future and I will always remember you as the veiled friend that felt happy and sad but didn’t know how that could be.

Love Always, ……..

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