4.17.13 Story Part 1

April 18, 2013
My mother called up the stairs, waking me up from my little power nap after getting home at one in the morning last night. I groaned not wanting to leave the comfort of my bed but my mother yelled for me again, I had to get up. I turned to the clock, it read to be about noon. So appeasing to my mother’s beckon I got up and looked myself in the full length mirror. My clothes, a simple shirt and a pair of skinny jeans had become last night’s pj’s and my hair a teased out blue mess. I tied it back into a ball on the back of my head smiled at myself and then headed downstairs.
“Yes mom?” I walked into the kitchen where she was already in the stance to give a lecture.
“Where were you last night?” Last night… I had to think about this for a second… Where was I? Jenny’s’ that’s where, then the movie theater, and then a rave after that.

I summed it up. “Jenny’s’ why?”

“Really? Because I called Jenny’s mom around nine wondering how everything was going and she said you weren’t there.”

“Mom, really? I was with Jenny that’s all that matters…” She then went off into her I –Need-To-Know-Where-You-Are-At-All-Times-My-House-My-Rules lecture. I tuned her out nodding and replying every answer I know she wants at all the right times, and as I am doing so a memory comes back to me. I met a guy last night, I never found out his name nor did we exchange numbers, but I spent the whole night with him. Or at least the portion of it that was the rave.

He wasn’t much taller than me, eyes the color of sapphires, and his cocky smirk caught me. He came up to me last night and went off talking about the music that was playing and how much he enjoyed it. I wanted to speak but my voice wouldn’t work, it was like I was paralyzed. Who wouldn’t be though? This guy was a god. Pale, long black hair with a white streak down the side, rocker to the core, he even wore touches of guy liner. We spent the whole night talking once I was able to regain my voice. It was like I had known him for my whole life yet; I had never seen him before last night. Our goodbye wasn’t much of one; he walked me to my car and said ‘see you later’. Which confused me I didn’t even know his name, much less his number or how to get ahold of him. So how was he going to see me later?

“Zaylee! Are you even listening?”

“Yes ma’am” My cat then came and sat at my feet purring. I smiled down at her as my mother placed a hand on her forehead and sighed, giving up she walked away. I played with my lip ring and thought more about this subject. I really want to know how he planned on finding me.

My phone went off at that point playing a familiar tune from Sweeney Todd. I looked to see who it was and it wasn’t a number I recognized, but I still picked up.

“Hello?” I said plainly into the phone.

“Zaylee…” And then I dropped everything…

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