The Rise of the Chaos

September 9, 2008
By Shaun Perry, Union City, CA

Omni was not the most patient of the interplanetary war lords, nor was he ever the most merciful. Omni sent his troops from the capitol of Orvale out into locations such as Operation ZV 832, and EZ 908. These operations were named for the commanders of the armies. Omni never truly ruled from Orvale, but rather from his black destroyer ship La Darke. The La Darke was a gargantuan mega ship, a dinosaur in age. despite its advanced age, it had enough power to tear a black hole inside out.

The great ship was based off of the mythologies of dragons, standing on two legs when on solid ground. Its body was defended by massive plates that gave its "skin" the appearance of scales. The arms were long and meant to grasp other ships and ground them.

The dark destroyer had a dragon-like face, with terrible red eyes that gleamed down on to a battlefield. La Darke was truly imposing, able to tower over a sky scraper and crush it within La Darke's cruel claws. The design, no matter how ancient, was flawless-and its purpose was easy to see.

The purpose was war, and that was exactly what Omni used it for. The enormous cannon at the center of its chest was not practical for moving enemies, but a distracted or wounded ship would be erased from existence. The beam was of concentrated ions, these ions were incredibly volatile. Merely rubbing up against each other gained them terrible destructive energy. When fired, all the victims would see would be a horizontal column of light.

In each arm was a powerful gun that was more practical than the central cannon. However, the facts remained-La Darke was a slower kind of enemy. At least when on a planet with gravity. In space, the creation was a speed demon. Omni would have smirked, had he a face.

No, Omni thought with a tear shed from his one eye, I have no face, no body, no arms nor legs. He was a brain, with a single green stem connecting an eye to the brain. A man stumbled into the chambers of La Darke where Omni resided. It was a Doom Patroller, a sergeant from the ZV 832 operation.

Omni inquired and looked the Patroller's way suspiciously, "Why are you here, Sergeant? Is there something you want to tell me?" He managed through dense fear, "S..Sire! I am sorry to say this, and wish it was false report, but planet Duraonis was destroyed."

Omni replied, thinking it meant his troops won the war in the second planet in the planet chain, "Well? Transfer all troops to the other one! This is grand news!" Omni's booming voice betrayed a slight worry. Destroyed? They usually didn't describe a conquered planet that way...

The Patroller stammered, "I...I mean...sir, with all due respect, sir...Duraonis no longer exists, someone made it explode, please, my superior officer made me tell you, if anyone should be penalized..." Omni was starstruck, Duraonis, a capable planet in its own right, destroyed!!

Omni felt a slight bit of fear which had never been present since Omni's "death". He had high hopes for that planet, it had vital grain stores for his other campaigns! Omni boomed, "I am taking La Darke to the other one, tell Zeltha V to get the new recruits ready for battle at once! I will be there to inspect the damages to my other operations."

The Doom Patroller shuddered, making Omni mad was not a good idea. He walked out of the main chamber, back to his own ship. He regained his confidence after leaving the intimidating presence of Omni. The interior of the ship was dark and dreary. However, it also had a feeling of enforced order which was present as of the Dogma Guards, Omni's personal guards.

He found the entry way to his ship in a docking bay along La Darke's neck. The Dogma Guards gave him the ok to leave. However, not before sticking a tracer on his ship. The Patroller entered his ship and a screen activated, showing a massive creature. It was a terrifying sight, but at least he didn't have to meet it. The beast asked in a hoarse voice, "Mission successful, young Zandiel?" He replied, "Yes, Omni is now distracted from your potentially more clandestine actions."

The author's comments:
I finally chose the ultimate title of my work. The face is Kaino's, as he is main character.

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