September 9, 2008
A child runs and hugs his mother closely as she smiles warmly at him with a soft face and bright eyes. “Let’s go play! Can we, Mother? Can we?” He was eager to play a good game of hop scotch with her like they always did on sunny Saturdays. But today was a little different; the warmth that she always held in her smile was gone somehow… And the child could not figure out why. “Mother, what’s wrong?” Her smile fades a little but she still holds it tightly.
“Nothing is wrong sweetie, but mommy will go away for awhile, okay? You have to stay with daddy until…” She couldn’t finish the sentence before her husband grabs the child and holds him close. The woman gently rises from the floor, and looks at him intently into his eyes. The young kin wraps his arms around his father’s neck as he turns slightly to glance at his mother. Never in his life had he seen her so sad and there was something else that was showing in her eyes. It was more than just sadness, it was anger as well, but her eyes…normally, they were a pretty rich blue color that glowed within light like a cat’s, but now, they were so clouded by her emotions that they seemed to resemble fresh smoke.
“Daedalus, mommy wants you to hold on to something for her. Is that okay?”
“Okay” The child unwrapped one of his arms from a strong neck and a clean dusty pink device with hot pink markings is put into the small palm. It isn’t heavy, weighing only 1.6789 pounds but it was bigger than his hand. “Thank you mommy, but what is this thing?”
“It’s called a Levi. Once you’re older I think you’ll understand a lot better, don’t you think?”
“Okay” He nods with a smile and her eyes brightened a little at that, but they still resembled smog. In a matter of a second the front door busts down and a swarm of soldiers come through. They had to run, they had to get out.

The man runs with the child tightly in his arms and the one person that you would think to be next to him, wasn’t with him running as well. The child looks back as the house is set ablaze from. A form hit the ground and a giant slab of concrete stabs through the wooden floor to block green skulled bullets that were flying. Fire sparks dance around a female figure like tiny nymphs as she turns around and offers a smile that would put the flame out around them.

She smiled like she did earlier that day. The child held on to the pink device still in his tiny palm but screamed with something choking him. “Mother!” Her eyes brightened to their normal state. She was happy that those flames danced around her in such a crazy grace, she was happy about what she was doing and most insane like, She was happy that she was protecting her family one last time.

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