Silent River: Wolf Island Road, A Folk Tale

September 9, 2008
It was a dark silent night all was calm. Not a movement was made. A guy and a girl had just finished their movie date.
At 11 o’clock, a guy and girl had just finished their. The guy looked at the girl, and she looked at him. It was one of those nights where every thing seemed to be perfect. They were both teenagers and knew that they loved each other. From the first time he saw her he knew she was the one. She felt the same way. They were perfect for each other and nothing would change that.
She began talking to him in that sweet loving voice that he would kill to hear. His arm was wrapped around her. She spoke soft and nice. He replied just as sweet.
She began talking to him in that sweet, loving voice that he would kill to hear. His arms were wrapped around her. She spoke soft and nice, and his replies were equally as sweet.
They walked to the car together; they wrapped their arms around each other, as if they were holding on for each others life. The boy opened the car door for the girl and she seated herself thanking him in a soft kind voice, then closed the door. He seated himself and they began to drive away.
Only a few moments into the car and she knew she did not want to leave him. She wanted to stay with him and she told him that. He wanted to stay with her till the day he died and he knew he would prove it to her some how.
A few minutes later and he pulled the car over on a quiet road. He looked at her and she looked at him and they began with a soft kiss.

When they finally came to an end, he began the car as he tried to pull away the cars tire began to screech. He was not fond of this noise and knew immediately that he had a flat tire. He told the girl that he would come right back and she simply nodded and smiled.
Time pasted and the girl was still sitting in the car ever since he left not a budge or a noise occurred. Another minute or two pasted and she heard a trickling sound.
She began to get afraid, She left the car and too her surprise what she saw could have killed her.

A murder occurred that day a boy was beheaded with an old axe and decapitated. The only explanation to this was an old tale one of a never found murder.

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