A Lost Dream

September 10, 2008
Adrian Michaels had a sleeping disorder called obstructive sleep apnea. Every single time he slept he’d have these horrifying dreams which always lead to his life in danger. These dreams were real hard to be disturbed by others so whenever he slept, he would sleep longer than the average person. Finally Adrian got the courage to go see a shrink. He told the shrink about a few of his dreams and it puzzled him. He told him about the dream about being ripped in millions of pieces by treacherous dogs with teeth the size of his head. This left the shrink with a dumbfounded look on his face. The shrink told him that before he goes to sleep he should relax, meditate, and think about something peaceful.
That night Adrian meditated, relaxed, and he put his mind on something peaceful. In seconds Adrian collapsed into his nightmares. He began to grind his teeth, his breathing slowed up and then he was there. He was finally into his own reality. The sky was filled with red and gray clouds and the temperature made him feel like he was being cremated alive. Suddenly he started to see an apparition approach him but he couldn’t move. The apparition met him face to face and as it was breathing it was draining the life from his body. Suddenly in the blink of an eye the apparition began tearing the flesh from his body. Adrian began to scream and with each swing from the beast, the limbs of his body were barely hanging on. Then suddenly the claws from the wretched beast decapitated his head. But it was something about this dream. For some reason he couldn’t die, but he felt the relentless pain. Then with all his will-power he woke himself up. The pain was excruciating.
The next evening Adrian confronted the shrink about his sleep theories. The shrink was speechless. “That dream was by far the worst.” Adrian said. It actually happened. The pain, the horror… “STOP IT!” the shrink said. “You can’t articulate everything you see in your dreams. It’s all factitious”.
The next night Adrian challenged himself or his dreams. He was sweating so hard that night that it almost appeared that he just came out of the rain. In his dreams he was in this plain white room. The walls looked fluorescent and there was no door. He tried to move but it appeared that he was strapped to a hospitalize bed. Adrian started to panic but really in the situation there was nothing he could do. He searched the room and to his left there was a needle the size of an ice pick, and next to it was a butch ax. Then suddenly a door quickly opens. There was a man dressed as a surgeon. His skin was pale. It had looked as if he had seen a ghost. He stared at Adrian with a glare that nearly paralyzed him. Then he spoke and his voice sounded as if he were the Grim Reaper or of some sort. “It has appeared to me that my work is done. No one has ever been able to watch someone dream. You were my most wonderful test subject ever. Einstein could never achieve anything like that, in fact I am Einstein. Now any last words”. Adrian tried to answer but he couldn’t. He was traumatized because of the situation. “Is this really a dream?” He thought. The man spoke again. “Well seems like you have nothing for me. Not even a brilliant idea for my great work. Well I can’t let anyone find out that this happened. Besides in your eyes you probably find this cruel, but hey look at the bright side, you helped make history.” Adrian stood there silent. There seemed to be some light in the current situation. He figured it was only a dream and he could withstand the pain. The man took the ax and aimed for his head. Before he killed him he said something in a prudent language that Adrian couldn’t make clear of. It made him nervous at first but he was ready. Then there was nothing. No narration to Adrian’s life. It had appeared that he did not make it through his dream. Adrian actually was killed.

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