September 11, 2008
When old man Winter walks through our door, he likes to bring cold winds with his conversations. When we go out on walks with old man Winter, he shows us the stars he spent all Summer long polishing for us.
When Winter comes I could always hold you close to feel warm inside and out. When we’re both at home I can look in your eyes to find the bright shinning stars.

When little girl Spring comes running through our door, she brings a handful of fresh flowers with warm and sweet days.
When Spring comes and we’re walking through the fields of tall grass and the sunshine warms our faces. It’s easy to realize I’ve picked the most beautiful flower of them all. You bring the beauty, your hand in mine makes me warm as can be and your smile makes the day seem so sweet

When young man Summer comes, he brings bags of slow nights to watch the stars shine and different sun sets for each day.
When Summer comes you and I could sleep under the stars and watch them as they shine for you and the sun sets so it could rise for us.

When lady Autumn comes walking through our door she brings gifts of long chilly days and the colors of change.
I love to spend those cloudy days holding hands with you walking through the places we know and the only thing that will change is our love has grown stronger and will last through all the seasons

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