Two flowers, one benefit

April 17, 2013
By YasminB. PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
YasminB. PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
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The bright orange, yellow and red colors of a flower mix and glisten in the sun as if the flower was painted and the painting was still wet. The colors are so bright that if someone were to look at it, they would force their eyes to see the beauty but the brightness would blind their eyes. The bees buzz in the wind as they land on the flower, hungry for nectar. The scent of the sweet, ever-lasting petals lingers from the woods to the meadow where a little girl stands looking out in the distance. The girl takes up the scent and she follows it. As she walks, the wheat plant sways in the wind and is ever so tall. The girl slides her hands easily through the wheat. As she is having some fun with nature, she stumbles upon a dark forest. The scent of the flowers is so strong that she knows she is near. This forest does not have any happiness in it and her moods changes. But then, as if by magic, flowers bloom and burst with bright colors that fill the woods with color and happiness. The girl is at first surprised, but then she is relieved and runs into the swaying flowers and jumps into them. Instantly, her body cools down from the heat burning her. She sighs in relieve because not only she is cooled down, but also she knows this kind of flower. It heals almost anything that is in pain and it is edible. When the girl takes a bite of the flower, her insides lighten up as if she was just alive with energy. She plucked flowers that filled her hand up and she got a bowl from her sack. She was poor, lost her parents, and was in desperate of food and a home. This was going to be her home. The girl needed to fill up the bowl with water, but she didn’t have water. While she was searching for water, she looked up and noticed that the forest turned into a beautiful forest that had all supplies right before her eyes. Eagerly, she runs as fast as a cheetah to the bank and scopes up some water. She runs back, careful not to spill the water, and places the flowers in the water. The flower does its magic and dissolves into water to create medicine. Then she grabs a cloth in her bag, dips the cloth in the mixture, and lays it on her knee. She had a minor bruise and there were no supplies in store to help. But this magical forest help saved her life. She was very happy with what she had because all these years she was looking for food and barely got enough to last a while. Now her hard work paid off so much. The girl sits down and examines herself in the clear blue lake that is nearby. The lake was so clear that you could see the bottom of it from a far distance away. She saw herself, but not a poor person anymore. A healthy, and gorgeous girl that looks like she never suffered any problems. She had long, black hair that looks as black as night. She has dark, creamy brown eyes that look so warm and welcoming. Her color skin is a little darker that a tan color. Just think of a chocolate bar that has a color that is a little lighter than usual. That color is very similar to her skin color. She always has a warm smile and makes anyone laugh and have a great time, even if she is in a bad mood. After she looks at herself, she sees some Jasmine flowers sitting there blooming with joy. They smell very familiar but the girl doesn’t recognize. She plucks the flower and admires the creamy white color that doesn’t make it look plain. Then, she takes one more look at it and jumps up in excitement. She scurries to the orange, yellow and red flowers and she identifies them both. These flowers are the same kind except they have different colors and different jobs when placed in water. The white flower heals major injuries while the other one heals only minor injuries. She is so relieved that she is this lucky today. But one thing is still stuck in her mind: “What is my name?” She never knew her name and she can’t remember it. Then she has a memory that her mom tells her that the Jasmine flower represents her. Then she realized that her name is Yasmin because she knows Arabic and Yasmin means Jasmine flower. Yasmin is know thankful that she has this name and represents something that can heal anything.

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