The Snake

April 16, 2013
As I am running and laughing with my friend, Cathy, we are blocked by our hiding place. Bears have been chasing us, but we know better than that because our hiding place was surrounded by a force field. Cathy whispers to me, “Can’t they see us?” Dusting away the dirt on me I tell her to calm down reminding her that we can go through the force field, but no one will see us. Each time we enter here, Cathy always forgets even though she knows me for about ten years. Finally the bears leave and roam in the other part of the woods. Green leaves, new and bright, are surrounding both of us. High in the sky where there is a light blue color, I see the beautiful birds just circling above us happily. I close my eyes and remember when Cathy, Kathleen, and I saw this force field and promised this was our place to visit, play and relax. Just behind me is a bush with blackberries and I strip off a couple and share it with Cathy. Kathleen, another one of my friends, is supposed to meet us here, but she is not here. Lying down and waiting is what we end up doing until I see Kathleen trying to scare Cathy. Mouth closed, pretending not to see her, I act normal until Kathleen scares Cathy and I crack up laughing. Not Cathy though. Oh my goodness, she is trying to chase Kathleen, while I watch and laugh. Perhaps if I calm them and make them eat and talk, we can do many new things that we do ever Saturday since this is our only chance to meet together. Quiet as a mouse is what I would think of Kathleen when it comes to scaring Cathy. Resting and explaining about what has happened during the week, I see that Kathleen has some strange berries that all three of us don’t recognize. Someone I know told about this strange berry and now I can’t think of what it is. Telling myself to ask Kathleen about those later, I tell them to come and hang out with me. Us three are running in the woods when something jumps in our way, makes a quick movement, and before you know it, I’m on the ground, bleeding like crazy. Venturing around, Kathleen and Cathy quick as lightning bandage my leg and scan the forest to look for something that struck me. Water snakes is what they call those quick, fast-moving animals and they are not just a snake, but a special snake that bites and if there is nothing to heal it, then sooner or later, you shall die and unfortunately, the snake was inside the force field and that is what bit me. X-girl, another friend of mine whose real name is Xiomara, but we like to call her X-girl, told me that there is something to heal this bite, but again, there is no remembrance as to what that was. Yes I told myself as my friends found nothing but carried me to my mom to patch me up, surly she will know. Zipping quickly through her medicines, my mom finds nothing and has no ideas of what can heal me. A vision passes through my mind and I figure out what it is. Back in the woods, Kathleen had those strange berries and I remember X-girl told me that those are not for eating but for healing water snake bites. Can I speak? Daring to make ever word count, I am able to tell them about the berries Kathleen has and tell them what to do. Each and every one gets to work mashing the berries, adding this and that, and finally pouring the liquid on my bruise and in a matter of seconds, my bruise is starting to heal, but it will take a while to heal completely. Four weeks it takes to heal the bruise using the liquid substance daily. Grateful for X-girl’s comment, I quickly make note of it in my moms’ book of healing medicines and from now on, we will be extra careful and make sure that if there is advice given, it will be written. Having a good heart, I got to X-girl’s house and thanked her. I give her some of the healing substance and she is thankful. Just thinking back of things can make a difference and help you out in a good way, so take it in good consideration.

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