September 11, 2008
The bus was nearly empty.
No one but Monica, Jordyn, and Amy were on it.
“Does this seem weird to anyone else?” Amy whispered peering to the driver.
“Calm down Amy, we’re just going to the museum, it’ll be fine.”

“What will we do at the museum, it’s,” she paused to check her watch. “6:27 p.m.”
The sun slowly faded away and darkness filled the sky.

The bus came to a halt and the back doors opened. “Thank you!” Jordyn shouted to the bus driver. He nodded his head in the mirror and gave her a suspicious wink. Jordyn jumped off the bus and ran to her friends.
Monica laughed, “you alright?” She asked.
Jordyn straightened, “I’m fine. Come on, let’s go.” They walked to the historical doors of the museum. It took all three of them to pull open the doors. As the old steel door squeaked open, all the heads turned. The girls walked inside, scared, but curious. They took a few more steps inside and everybody went about their business. A P.A. system erupted over them. “Attention! The fort will be closing in ten minutes everyone, ten minutes! Thank you.” It shut off with a crackle, and together the girls ran to the historic fort.
“I’m kind of freaked out.” Amy said.
“Yeah. Me too.” Jordyn agreed.
“Will you guys calm down? It’s just a museum. Nothing bad is going to happen.” Amy closed her eyes for just a couple seconds, but when they opened, she couldn’t see anything. She took several steps and felt around. Her hand landed on a wall and she used it for guidance. “Guys?” She said. “Jordyn? Monica?” She put her hand on something poking out of the wall. “Huh?” She said quietly to herself. She could hear the raspy whimpers of Monica and Jordyn’s long heavy breaths. She steadied her other hand on this mysterious object and pushed it. The dim hanging light of the museum turned on. Amy was relieved. As were Jordyn and Monica. They ran to each other.
All three were there, but no one else was.
They all looked every way, gasping each time their head turned sharply.
No one there!
Nor there!
Not there either!
“Don’t worry,” Monica told Jordyn and Amy, trying herself, to calm down as well. “This is cool right? We’re stuck in a museum!”

“Monica, do you hear yourself?” Amy whispered.

Jordyn spoke up. “Maybe Moni’s right, Amz.” Jordyn assured her, “Let’s make the best of this. I mean, it is pretty cool.”

For about an hour they walked through the museum, looking around. Amy down a row of knight statues, until she came to one plaque, with no statue beside it. “That’s weird.” Amy said.
“What?” Jordyn and Monica walked to her examining the plaque as well.
“There’s a plaque, but no knight.” Amy looked around expecting to see it on the floor somewhere. Jordyn and Monica didn’t see the point but they did it too. Jordyn looked behind her, then left, then right, then… wait. She turned back to her right. Amy and Monica saw it too. The tiniest glimmer of silver walking around the bend. And from miles away anyone could hear the piercing screech of rusted metal.

The girls turned to run, but now the fort had become nothing but a winding, twisting, turning maze. A maze with no start or finish, no in or out. Just here.
The girls were frantic, running every way, but everything just lead to more turns and dead ends. The squeaking and screeching of metal got louder, and the knight sounded closer than anything possible, as if he were among them. Amy turned, then Jordyn, then… Monica was no where to be seen. Amy’s foot twitched then her fingers, then her shoulders, then she was down. Her eyes clamped shut, and Jordyn was alone.
“AMY! AMY! AMY GET UP!” Tears rolled down Jordyn’s cheek. “Amy,” she whispered, “get up…”

“Amy!” Jordyn whispered, nudging her elbow into Amy’s side. “Get up, we’re here.”
They were on the empty bus. Monica stood over Jordyn as she tried to nudge Amy awake.
Amy’s eyes blinked open. She rubbed her head.
“Rise and shine! Come on we’re at the museum!” Jordyn stood.
Amy checked her watch. 6:27 p.m.
“Do we have to go you guys?”

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