The Haunted House

September 11, 2008
By Eva Chapman, Dixon, CA

After school on October 30th, Ben, Alex, Justin and I approached the old, dank and abandoned house on 22nd street. We had been dared by Derek to spend one night in the house until 7 o'clock a.m. tomorrow morning. "Lets go in then..." I said shakily. We picked up our duffel bags and slowly marched to the door. We tried to see through the windows but they were covered thickly with cobwebs and dust from old age. Even so, I could have sworn I saw something move swiftly behind the window...
Ben, being himself, tested the doorknob and I hoped that it would be stuck so that we all could just go home. But to our surprise, it opened very slowly. With every inch it moved, a horrific noise came from the hinges that made nails on a chalkboard sound like a beautiful symphony playing music.
Just then hundreds of vampire bats screeched as they flew out of the dark house. "It looked like they were flying away from something inside the house." Alex whispered mysteriously as we turned to face the open doored house. "Something just isn't right about this place..." I whispered quietly to nobody in particular. Suddenly, it went almost pitch black outside and started to pour cats and dogs. Lighting flashed and thunder cracked so we darted into the house to avoid being drenched through our skins.
As we got into the house and sat down, the door swung closed, making us jump. Justin tried to open the door but it was stuck. We were sealed in the house...
Ben pulled out his cell phone for some light while Alex, Justin, and I looked for our flashlights. "Thanks..." Justin grumbled to Ben. "Hey it's not MY fault were in this place!!" Ben whispered angerly back to Justin. "Actually, it is YOUR fault! You just had to take the stupid dare JUST to impress a girl!" Justin was getting louder with each word he spoke. "Ummm...guys..." Alex started to say something when we heard something shreak from the other room. "What was THAT!" I screamed. "I was trying to tell you to look over there," Alex pointed to another room where we saw a small light moving slowly back and forth, "because I didn't think we were alone!"
"It's probably just Derek trying to scare us into loosing!" Ben said very sure of himself. Just then Ben sprinted to the room yelling, "DEREK I KNOW IT'S YOU! I KNOW YOUR JUST --- Wait your not --- AAHH!!"
"BEN" We screamed in unison as we ran as fast as we could into the toward the light.
As we reached the doorway we saw some creature hovering over Ben who was laying limply on the ground. I screamed and it turned to see us.
This creature had no face. It was just nothing...But somehow it seemed to see us and it flew faster than a bullet from the Revolutionary War toward us. Justin pushed us away at the last moment and got hit directly in the chest. "Justin!!" I cried out as he fell to the ground. Black residue was left in a circle where he had been his. Justin moaned as the creature flew toward us again.
"RUN!" Alex yelled while pulling my arm. "NOT WITHOUT BEN AND JUSTIN!" I said pulling away. Alex and I jumped separate ways and the creature hit the wall. "I think it's knocked out!" Alex said. "Okay I'll get Ben and Justin and you take care of that thing okay?" "Okay..."
I rushed to Justin and saw that he was breathing very slowly. I picked him up at the shoulders and crawled over to Ben.
Suddenly I heard a crack. I looked down and saw the ground falling beneath me. Just then I fell. I don't know how long I fell but I fell for a long time. When I woke up. I was in blackness again. I heard something move somewhere near me and it was coming closer.
"STAY BACK!" I screamed in pain. I apparently had broken some ribs. Moaning I tried to stand. But then something sharp pierced my skin right below my heart and went all the way through and out my stomach. "Aaahh!" I screamed but it faded quickly. I was being dragged away..."Help me..." I tried to call out but no sound came out. I could hear the thundering of my heart pounding louder and louder in my chest.
"HELLO?!? EVA!!" I heard a familiar voice call me. "Whose there?" I called so quietly I thought nobody would hear me. Noise came from whatever had stabbed me and I got lurched into the air. Screaming I was moving so fast in the air that I couldn't see.
"LET GO OF HER!" I heard called and then I was thrown across the room and slammed against a wall. "Aahh!" I heard as someone was thrown and the just kept attacking whatever had had me. Then there was nothing except panting of my savior. "Eva?" I heard again. "I'm over here..." I whispered. My savior ran over to me and crouched next to me. He placed his hand upon my wound and I flinched. Then he picked me up and carried me away.
When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed with Ben, Alex, and Justin sleeping in chairs around the bed. "Huh?" Justin said as he woke up. "EVA!" He yelled. Justin shook the others up and they all gave me hugs and asked if I was okay. "I'm fine I think. How long have you guys been here?" I asked. "Couple of days." Ben answered. "You went into a coma and lost a lot of blood." Justin finished.
"What happened to the house?" I asked "And what were those things?"
"Well, the house got torn down and some Army people came and took the creatures to a military place for tests." The doctor said who had just walked in.
That night I slept in the hospital as Justin, Ben and Alex all got radioactive cleaned and what not.
A few years later, Justin died at a comedy club doing stand up comedy on Halloween about his Ghostly Adventure.
Ben died while he was going to Las Vegas on a plane on the night of Halloween.
Alex died in his sleep on Halloween.
And I died while doing some tests with the military.
What our deaths all had in common were that we all died of something that the military is still trying to figure out what it is we died from.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story when I was in 6th grade and I found it and wanted to make it better. So thats why I rewrote it and posted it here.

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