Leolion Nekogami

April 22, 2013
By KarlMarx BRONZE, Monroe, Georgia
KarlMarx BRONZE, Monroe, Georgia
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"The power of one man doesn't amount to much. But, however little strength I'm capable of... I'll do everything humanly possible to protect the people I love, and in turn they'll protect the ones they love. It seems like the least we tiny humans can do for each other." Hiromu

"Where am I?" My eyes open slowly, and there is shackles on my hands and feet, my tail swayed fast and there is a sound of horses snorting in the background. I look up and see a dog demon that is about 7 feet tall, has 9 tails, all white with long fur and fox like ears and is wearing black armor with a fox head in the center of the armor. He must be from the Kitsune clan, I think to myself. I sit up and look at the carriage which has ten other demons in it a banshee, a vampire, a kappa, a lilitu, a yuki-onna, a fire snake, a werewolf, a guard of hell, a nephlim, and a living flame. I look over at the nearest demon who is the Yuki -Onna a spirit of the snow she like the others and probably me was wearing nothing and bruised she seems to be around my age which is nine. "Ms. Onna, were are we?" she looked bewildered at me and reply’s "The slave trade," from here was when my life went down hill.
They gave me something red to drink, when I drunk it,it burned my throat and drained me of my powers and made me mentally weak. They fed us once a day and it was there table scraps, if we worked too slow, they wipped us with spines of dead demons or burn us with prods like we were cattle. Finally when I was there for four years, I stood up and led a rebellion against the Kitsune Clan and killed them all, then ran to my father Emma-O, the king of Hell and Demon's Castle to reclaim my position on my father's court. I learned that he killed my mother, a Neko, then sold me to the Kitsune. Then I fled to the Neko colony in the east of Hell. There I joined there army, eventually I fell in love with a neko called Saya.
There are 76 Neko tribes in the East of Hell as well as 54 Elf colonies. In those days the Neko Tribes appointed a king amongst them, his title...Nekogami or Cat God. The Nekogami was given the powers of all the Neko's in the world and was given a pure black ring to act as a seal for their powers. A Neko by the name of Asgard was given the title and was called Asgard Nekogami. He was 34 feet tall and when the seal was removed, he turned pure white, and grew 7 tails, his claws became black. All among the army feared the Nekogami.
I was called to war against the Elf colony in the west of the Neko Kingdom. They are a craftsmen and farmers, in the center is a temple were they make animal sacrifices and offerings to their gods. They are skilled users of magic and there main sword maker makes only ritual swords and daggers. We were called to slaughter them because they sold supplies to the Dog Clans. I got married to Saya a week before the war and she was enlisted to the front lines by general Issacar. I learned how to control all five of the elements during this war and learned how to transmute objects by will.
Saya and I was in the temple when we met the Elf sword maker and he used an enchanted blade he calls the “Shadow Blade.” It's sheath is the air, it absorbs and drinks the blood of the victim. A single swing can wipe out a city of demons. I fought him using what I call Alka it is the ability to transmute objects by will, but it requires a price of equal value. I was able to wound him, but he used the cursed sword of his to kill my wife. The room we were standing in had swords and daggers, each were crying out for blood. The altar was big and black, it had trees every where around it, when I met the elf he was wearing a long green cloak with the hood up. I tried to pull a sword but it burned my hand, then I tried the daggers but they bit me.
He and I fought hand to hand till I decided to use Alka. When he saw me use it he laughed, he then pulled out of the air a pure black sword. "Neko you have learned the art of Hell!" he said. I then looked at him oddly, then I clapped my hands and created a sword from the ground and fought him. My wife hid behind the altar tried to stab him from behind but the swords moved and stabbed her on the altar like a sacrifice. I cut off his hands and took his Shadow Blade. He disappeared and I never saw him again. The sword then sung to me a song that was so beautiful, it made me forgot that my wife was killed.
I slaughtered the town like I was commanded. I am now blood stained with innocent blood. The death toll was from the Elves 2 million and from the Neko 6. That town was then burned to the ground and in it's place the capital was moved to it. The castle which also is the neko temple. The king became the face and voice of the neko gods. After Asgard died his son took over. His form resembled that of his father's but was gray. Asgard's son, Beniel, ruled for 1 million years and died. He had no sons. But by that time I have fought 40 wars and had the highest kill rate using the Shadow Blade. I also had power that rivaled the Nekogami and started to be called the Neko Prophet. I was then ringed the Nekogami and carried the name.
I then put a prophet in my place and went to the human world. It at this time is only 5 years of age. I watched a couple be thrown out of a garden. I walked to the couple and their children. I talked for a while and learned that the man's name is Adam. I spent a year with Adam teaching him to farm and to write. I then decided to teach Adam Alka and I wrote it the secrets of Alka in a sacred book I call Liber Magus. I then left him to wonder about the earth and marvel at this newly created world.  I wondered three houndred years I have recorded everything about this world I recorded every plant and their uses as well as every animal, bug and planet that can be seen from this planet. I reached a newly founded city whose founder was Romulus. Romulus wore a crown of Olive leaves and wore a tunic with a red cape as a sign of being this city's king. He was a strong man till he decided to fight a dragon that ate him whole he was then followed by seiries of Eutruscan kings. I spent the reign of King Tarquinius Superbus in the temple he built to Jupiter there I listen to the Syble who was able to spot me as a very powerful demon she said to the crowed " by the high powers of Hades the king shall be uplifted by low throne". I then took the form of an eagle then left and everyone but the Sybil believed me to be Jupiter. 
I then took the form of a mere Etruscan and watched the king in his rule of the Latins. He was cruel and loved war. I heard from his servants that he obtained his throne by the murder of the last king.  I watched for 10 years of his rule when I watched the Latins drive him from his throne into the land of the Greeks. I followed him into the place he was hiding, it was a cave in a large mountain and I banished him to the lowest depths of Hell for all of his life.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by my roleplay character Leolion.

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