Lost Girl

April 11, 2013
His pants pulled up to his waist, snap and zipper. He was out the door in a matter of minutes according to the clock on the dirty motel wall. Sandi grabbed the money off of the bible from the nightstand. The spit of another man covered her body from another night, one more set of handprints left on her breast. She got down on her bruised knees, body aching she begins to pray.
“ Dear God, Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray the Lord my soul to keep,If I shall die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” She grabs the bible, flips to Psalm 42:8 “ By day the Lord directs his love at night his song is with me a prayer to the God of my life.” Sandi never relied on talking to the man above but she felt like it might be different this time.
She jumps in the shower, turning the water to the hottest temperature. Her body was roughed up, she catches the view of her unrecognised figure. The mirror fogs up hiding her from reality of her life style. Stepping out, her hand glides over the fresh stamps. Branded with the nightlife she’s forced to live with the only income for a high school drop out.
Sandi pulls the used covers off her bed.
Grabbing the pillow, she goes in the closet to try and sleep.
Banging on the door wakes her up. “ What the hell; these people know I only work nights, who the hell can this be?” Sandi crawls out from the closet, still sore from the night before, she takes her time getting to the door.Looking through the hole on the door a man facing the motel’s parking lot stands in front of her. The chain still on for protection, he turns around facing her. His outfit didn’t match the style of this neighborhood life.He was wearing a black fancy coat a tie and those black fancy shoes.Obvious to the eye he wasn’t around here.
“Hello My name is Joe, i’m handing out flyers to women in need of help.”
Joe seemed like an overachiever.
“ What makes you think i’m in need?” Sandi hissed at him. Not only was he coming up in the motel ruining her sleep, but now he has the nerve to judge her.
“You don’t know s*** about me, so why don’t you do both of us a favor, turn around and get the hell out of my motel area.”
Slamming the door she was too upset to go back to sleep. Rumbling through the nightstand drawer, she looked for a box of squares. She tried to stop a couple times now, but s*** like this happens. She found the crumpled up box of NewPorts. The last one was damaged, half of it hanging off only by a bit.
Sandi ran down to the office to get some tape to fix the last Port. Her robe was hanging off her shoulder as she ran down the stairs, Joe was sitting at the bottom. Looking off into the distance with a look his face. She recognized that look, the look of confusion, guilt like “could this day get worse”? She ignored him and walked straight to the office for tape. Twenty minutes pass by as she finally leaves the main office. Joe was still sitting in the same place when Sandi had first passed him, not moveing an inch.
Sandi seen the Bible on his lap, " Hey you" He looked up from what he was reading, " Did you finally change your mind about what I have to say to you"? He asked her. Sandi ignored him and continued to ask her question “Why are you reading that?” “Is there some answers in there that I can’t find?”
Sandi stop to realize that maybe she should listen to what Joe has to say. Her ears filled with exciment as his words started to spill out and make sense. They sat there for hours at the same spot. Joe told her how he wasn’t a good boy his whole life and his background story. How Joe never really relied on anyone but himself and had problems of his own in the past.
Sandi sat there in disbelief, how could someone get this far in life? What did I do that was so wrong ? How did I ended up here of all places?
Sandi went back to her motel room later after their little conversation, it was already 6:30 so a few hours went by. Her next client was scheduled for an appointment at 9:30 and she still had to get ready. She jumped into the shower and got her clothes on. There was banging on the door, the next guy was here way too early. She hopped out of the shower and threw a towel around her body, maybe if he could just wait a little bit longer she could at least throw her clothes on. But the banging grew even louder and whoever was out there began to get impaticent. Sandi looked through the key hole, cops were standing by the door and they had a warrent to search the place. Sandi was arrested. The next day she was sent to a judge. Her bail was paied by Joe.
He took her out to eat after she got out, there was something about Joe, she felt safe. They began to talk, Sandi told Joe how she felt and that she wanted to quit that lifestyle. Joe conforted her and agreed to help her. Joe sent her to the women sheltter and set her up so she will be safe to get back on her feet. Sandi was so thankful and realized that her prayers were being answered.

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