The Key

September 7, 2008
"Things would be better if the battle, no, no, the was was over," he thought to himself. A tiny girl snuck up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He turned to look at her, placing his hand gently upon her shoulders. She was beautiful in the soft moon light. Her chestnut hair glistened around her narrow shoulders and her gray-green eyes held mystery and passion. Frecles seemed to multiply every second on her nose.
"Hello, beautiful. I missed you," the man whispered lovingly into the girl's ear. She looked up at him, and, without a sound, kissed him. In that single kiss, he knew everything would turn out fine with just a little bit of love like what he felt for the girl he held and kissed. He would find a way to spread that love and stop the war.
Love is the key.

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