Pitching Darkness

September 7, 2008
Darkness all around me, swallowing me in to it's clutches. I look around me, not knowing where I was, all I know is that I am alone...again. I hear someone walking softly through the trees, I hear him calling my name. I stand up and walk toward his voice, even though I just told him I hated him, even though I told him that I rather him dead, he came for me, knowing that I was lost. I run to him as soon as I see his sadden face. My heart breaks even more to know that I caused that look in his eyes. I start crying, wishing that I was dead then to live with my stupid self. He wraps his warm arms around me, I look up to see him crying too. I wipe the tears away with my hand and beg him for forgivness. He looks at me, leans down,and kisses my cheek, somewhere in the dark a crazed being screeches, all the sudden we are surround by boys with bloody, red eyes. His eyes flash the same red as theirs, I gasp, confused. "What is going on?" I whisper. "It is now time that you join me." my beautiful lover whispers back as he leans down as if to kiss my neck.

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