I Wish They Had Not Come...

I wish they had not come. It was the most unfortunate day I had experienced. I just wish I could go back in time and make things right and alter the biggest mistake of my life…

It all started when I was lying on the bed, gazing at the stars and admiring the beauty of the sky that looked so beautiful from my bedroom window. My family had gone out of the city for some weeks and I was all alone in the house but that loneliness did not bother me at all, in fact, I was excited because I had never had the house all by myself and was free to do anything I wanted. Just as I started making plans for the coming week, the door bell rang. I was a bit shaken; I had been getting weird blank calls from someone for the past couple of days and the other day my gate keeper had also told me that he had seen someone starring at the house observing its every corner. Afraid that it might be a stranger, I decided not to open the door but the bell kept on ringing and I assumed that it was probably one of my relatives, I opened the door.

I might have looked funny with my eyes widened with surprise. There stood a middle aged woman with large eyes and big round spectacles and beside her was a tall fair skinned boy. To my dismay, these people seemed more surprised than I was and for a minute or two we just stared at each other hoping that someone would break the ice.

“Umm… can I help you?” I started. They introduced themselves; the boy’s name was Andrew and the woman’s name was Alice but I failed to recognize them and told them to leave as I was all alone in the house and was not allowed to bring in strangers.
“We are not strangers!” exclaimed the lady who had a really squeaky voice. “Didn’t Mr. Blake inform you about our arrival? We are actually from London and have just moved here. Mr. Blake has arranged this house for our stay in this city.”
I was totally puzzled; I had absolutely no idea what these people were talking about. They were to stay in my house and I didn’t even know who they were! Looking at the bewildered look on my face, the tall guy asked me if my name was Julie and that relieved me from all the worries.
“No, there must have been a mistake, I am not Julie and I don’t know Mr. Blake,” I said smiling. The two of them were terrified by my words. They checked the address again and again and then realized that Mr. Blake had given them the wrong address. They were so confused and tensed that they did not even apologize and I just shut the door and went to my bedroom leaving them in a state of dilemma.

From my bedroom window, I could see the two of them on the street. I felt terrible for them. They were new in the city and all alone. It was almost midnight and I started to get worried about the two strangers. Keeping in mind the conditions of the city and how unsafe it was at night, I decided to take a major step- something for which a normal person would call me foolish. I don’t know what feeling overcame me and I rushed to the door and saw those still standing near my porch deciding what to do. They looked at me when I opened the door. Their sad lonely eyes touched my heart and I told them that they could spend the night at my house.

I knew I should not have done that. I had never done anything foolish than that in my entire life. Those people were out of words and thanked me continuously. They also promised that they would leave immediately the very next morning. I just gave them a faint smile, over thinking my decision. I let them sleep in the common room and locked all the rooms even the room in which they were sleeping so that they could not go anywhere during the night and after that I went to bed hoping that everything would be just fine the next morning.

I was awoken by the chirping of the birds. I stretched on my bed making plans for the day but then I realized that someone was actually staying at my house. I got up and checked the whole house. Everything was just as it was last night; those people were not robbers at least. Then I took the keys and unlocked the common room where my ‘guests’ were but when I opened the door, I saw the worst possible thing. The woman was lying on the floor in a pool of blood with her throat slit! Chill ran into my spine. Her eyes just kept starring at me. As I got back to my senses, I realized that not far from the dead body stood Andrew with a dagger in his hand, sneering.
“You… you killed her! Why did you do that?” I screamed.
“Yes, I killed her,” and then he started the story…

Andrew and his brother Kevin had lived with their aunt, Alice, in London for their entire life. Even though the two brothers had lived with Alice for around twenty years, they could never develop a liking for her. When the two brothers finished high school, they refused to go to college and took a job at a local bar. There Kevin got involved in the selling and purchasing of drugs. Thinking that it would be a lucrative business, Kevin persuaded Andrew to do that as well and Andrew agreed. But one day Alice caught Kevin buying drugs and she at once informed the police. Andrew was lucky enough and when asked, he said that he had no idea about his brother’s involvement in illegal activities. Secretly, Andrew started hating Alice for putting his brother into jail and ruining his life and therefore decided to take revenge. Few weeks later, Alice decided to move out of London along with Andrew because she knew that he would have a really hard time forgetting his brother if they stayed in London. Besides, she did not want him to get into unlawful activities as well. Thus, they moved to my home city, where Alice used to live thirty years ago. But Andrew could think of nothing except taking his revenge and therefore purposely changed the house address that Mr. Blake had given to them. Andrew had assumed that the wrong address would give them a chance to spend the night wandering on the streets where he would easily murder Alice. His plan strengthened when I allowed them to spend the night at my house. He killed Alice that night and had planned to escape with all the money.
“I could have escaped. But you silly girl, you had locked the room!” and as said that, he pushed me to the ground and locked me inside the room leaving me with a dead body.

Now I am in the police station, in the lock up. They are asking me all sorts of questions about the murder. Some even think that I have killed Alice. My parents are out of the city and I am all alone. I just don’t know what to do. I wish those people had not come…I wish they hadn’t.

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wowee said...
Nov. 20, 2008 at 2:24 pm
wow Falaq A. this is good! really really good! i luv it! :p
northcvball10 said...
Sept. 19, 2008 at 12:41 am
Wow... scary stuff!
Sanam F. said...
Sept. 12, 2008 at 12:06 pm
good job!
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