The Scorpion Month

September 7, 2008
He came... The homeless man with the cold wind of the Scorpion month, I trotted down the street to the bus in the humid yet frigid temperature with only my mind to keep me company.
The I saw him, Shabby coat like the falling leaves of autumn, A cursed five o' clock shadow masked his face, his baby face.
The strong odor of whiskey sent goosebumps through my body, I wondered if he was the one giving me them or if it was just the cold. The door of the nearby deli came up to me, without hesitating I drew it open, I was scared, he followed me...I went to the counter...he went to the back. together we met at the cash register, he payed and looked at me talking with the Owner
and said with a medium , tranquil voice, "he's smart ain't he, he's gonna go far the kid not like may, I'm old and broke". A good laugh then the door slammed, he left...the homeless man with the cold wind of the Scorpion

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