Brunettes, Redheads, and of course...Blondes

September 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Blonde (Natasha): Blonde, I’m f***ing blonde, yeah big deal. It isn’t my name, my name is Natasha Rodgers and I’m blonde. Not I’m blonde and I’m Natasha Rodgers. I swear sometimes I wish everyone was bald or that we all had the same color hair. People are always stereotyping about one thing, whether is race, social class, or hair color. I think that I am a relatively smart person; no I don’t get straight A’s but think about something. If a brunette were to get B’s and the occasional C she is just stupid, if a blonde does it then she is a total “blondie”. I’m a good person and I happen to be blonde. If I do follow they stereotype coinkydink, it doesn’t prove that every blonde is like that. And even if it was true is it right? Yeah I am pretty popular but lots of people are. Mostly brunettes I might add.

Redhead (Ginger): I am Ginger Cunnings. I think it is so unfair that redheads are ignored. Well…I don’t know a lot about myself. I have a lot of blonde friends, who all meet the stereotype, and a lot of brunettes who I think are natural blondes. :] I think it is just a way to classify girls. I mean think about it, if a guy is blonde…nobody cares. A girl is blonde and the world goes crazy. The same thing happens to brunettes and us redheads. Does the world just hate girls? I think it might just be easier to just have something dangling between my legs.

Brunette (Penny): Penny Shingles, the brunette. I am lucky I could be a redhead or a blonde. I’m not saying it’s easy. Being alive isn’t easy, but it is easier, at least sometimes. I just wish I could get people to stop calling me names. It’s like this bar people set up for us, high for brunettes, lower for redheads, and near the ground for blondes. I hate it when my friend Xian calls me a blonde when I say something stupid or a redhead if I trip or something. People can be so stupid sometimes, all the time really, over nothing. I just want to get away from all that stuff. Why do we always have to try and divide each other? I wish all humans were in one huge group.

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Mad13658 GOLD said...
on Apr. 7 2009 at 1:14 am
Mad13658 GOLD, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
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"You've got to love what's lovable, and hate what's hateable. It takes brains to see the difference."
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I totally get it. I am a brunette and somtimes I have those stupid moments and everyone is like sure your not a blonde. If you dont say that to a guy why say it to a girl. It is seriously based on gender.

youknowme! said...
on Sep. 27 2008 at 12:53 am
Haha yeah. I love this. It perfectly describe the way some blondes feel. Especially me.. I trip and you guys say "That's what you get for beinng blonde". But yeah.. love it.

on Sep. 20 2008 at 7:09 pm
I'm blond, and I get straight As... your story shows diversity, and I like it!

Vejman said...
on Sep. 13 2008 at 3:07 pm
Hey, i love it you really sum it up with "People can be so stupid sometimes, all the time really, over nothing. I just want to get away from all that stuff." i feel the exact same way. now, granted i am a guy bu i really think its stupid the way people stereotype everything. i am a vegitarian so i am subject to stereotyping every moment of my life, and i HATE it!!!!!! well im rambling on about nothing bye

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