The Perfect World-Eden

September 5, 2008
(NOTE: While this DOES make references to things mentioned in the Bible (specifically Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden) it does not revolve around it.

Legends have it that a world is created from nothing. That a world is just blank, white space when it is first thought of. And then the world develops and changes as its creator formulates ideas and thoughts of their own “perfect” world.

But those worlds still have their flaws. Those worlds have the flaws that can never be erased, changed, or forgotten. In some way, every world is directly linked to the real world. And this flaw cannot be destroyed; it is present even before the world is created. This flaw allows other people to travel into one’s own “perfect” world and twist it. It allows other people to destroy the perfection one worked so hard to create.

However, what if there was a way to create a world that was, in no way, linked to the real world at all? What if this extra world could not be accessed by any known means of transportation? In constant research and examination of many different worlds, I believe I have found a way to disconnect a world from the real world, and any other world altogether! I believe I have found a way to create a world that will never retain it’s looks, that will always bend to its master’s will, but will return to it’s primary, blank state once its master leaves.

Upon destruction, the old world has its ties cut off with the real world. There are two forms of world “deletion”; perfect and scrap. “Perfect deletion” is when a world is totally and completely eliminated from all existence. It is when a world is completely forgotten by all who ever visited that world. Worlds that have been “perfectly deleted” can never be brought back. And then there is “scrap deletion” which is when a world is destroyed, but bits and pieces of it still linger in the memories of few. These “scraps” can be used to build up new worlds; they can be used as a foundation for new worlds. But many times, the “scraps” of old worlds float about in nonexistence, never to be used again.

I believe I have found a way to…utilize the scraps of an old world of mine. I believe that I can put the scraps together and build a truly perfect world which none can enter, save for the special entrance I have created for it.

I call this perfect world “Eden” in commemoration of the sacred Garden mentioned in the Holy Bible. The Garden of Eden was a perfect place; it had everything necessary to live forever in happiness. However, temptation was placed in the Garden to test Adam and Eve’s want to either remain in ignorant happiness forever, or suffer the truths of the world. My Eden is a place without that temptation. My Eden is a place that the reality of can be bent to my every whim. I can eliminate the temptation and live in the ignorant happiness Adam and Eve were foolish enough to give up.

But at what cost would this ignorant happiness come at? Would I forget how to leave my world after being there so long? Would I forget how to get into Eden if I didn’t travel to it enough? What if my perfect world collapsed upon itself? The price of freedom is, frankly, not free. One must question the consequences of remaining in a perfect world forever. One must question whether it is really worth it to obtain eternal happiness, youth, and life all at once. And one must also wonder…what is the price of playing God?

With all this in mind, I must leave my Eden a secret. I must leave it protected from all those who wish to use my perfect world’s powers for their own twisted and dark reasons. But this does not mean I cannot leave a challenge to those who I deem worthy of Eden’s magnificent powers. I will show them the power of this world, and will tell them that if they can find a way into this world, then they can have access to whatever they want from this world. But I must be wary when showing those who deserve this power Eden. Twisted souls will be just as interested in Eden as anybody else will be, and I cannot allow anybody to corrupt and twist my world.

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