What type of name is that

September 5, 2008
By Alice Shy, Akron, OH

" Don't you worry sweetie, you'll love it! It's the best school in the county" said my mom trying yo make me feel better about the transferring to Cofa High School. Ring, Ring rand my moms phone "HELLO, TIFFINEY'S WEDDING PLANER HOW MAY I HELP YOU!" Screamed my mother into the phone.Poor, poor old thing thinks no one can hear her, so she turns her mouth into a megaphone "Hello, hello can you hear me?" screams my mother again "oh this stupid thing never works, stuffing the phone in her purse wich Ilike to call the hole were won't be found untill several mouths it must be chocking down their. "what were we talking about? oh yes Cofa is a great school you'll make friends...Az, Azzy, AZSHYGIRLZ"

"Huh" I say

"Are you listening to me?"

"Not really", I said puting my earphones back in my ear

"Well hear we are, said mom pulling up to the school, have fun" I pulled open the door and steped out of the minivan.

" Have a good day at school, say please and thank you wash your hands be respectful, okay" I turned arounded and looked at her "So basiclly you don't want me to be myself"

"Just behave, have a good day love you"

Whatever" I walked into the school where the were students dresed in red, white and gold, Oh great sprit week my least fave week of the year, pep rally's stupid, corney cheers and the worst- cheerleaders who think their better than you because they can do five roundoff's in a row. I could do that to if I applyed myself wich I won't. I troughed down the hall finding my locker. It just so happened to be next to a pimply geek who was sratching his rear end- well there's somthing I needed to see. I started to dial my combination when someone tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and was face to face with a blond girl and her friends. Great. Another thing I hate are blondies.

" What?" I said to her, hating her perfect facial featchers and body.

"You see that guy over there? He so has the hots for you" she said to brown headed boy in a varsity jacket. As I headed over to the boy, I could hear snickers from the girls behind me.

"Hey" I said to the boy , he turned around and stared at me almost stunned to see me talking to him

" Can I help you" he said

"Yea you see the blond over there"

"Yea Kristy"

" She told me that you're the most self absobed jerk she ever met and she and she told me that she's now dating your best friend. Looks like she's happy at what she did', I said pointing to kristy laughing with her friends. I saw his face fill with anger as he walked away past Kristy. As he walked past her I saw her face full of confusion as she chased after her now ex- boyfrend. Now I know she won't mess with me again I thought as I walked off to class. My first period class was american history with Mrs. Farkus. She a woman in in her fifties., her face looked as if it was flatened by a giant rolling pin " class, class, today we have a new student in our class, child come up here and introduce yourself. I came up to the front of the class and said "My name in Azshygirlz" moments later kirsty comes into the room

"She made me and Chris breakup. Spitball her" out of nowhere kids were hitting me with spitballs. I was forced to leave the room to take cover from my attacks. This was not how I pictured my first day, hiding in a bathroom stall,but it's one of my better ones. "Hey" i said to myself amused. "Gum."

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