Leon and Jared Sorrow {The Immortal Twins}

September 3, 2008
Twins born in the end of the 9th century, born to a wealthy family. Jared the oldest by 28 seconds always looking down at his younger brother Leon. Both brothers grew up during a hard time their families wealth went down and soon they would be killed because of debt and their fathers foolish gambling.

After their parents died leaving them abandoned at the age of nine, the two brothers wished to be immortal and to never die. They heard of many rumors of the gods and how they could grant knowledge and immortality, myths of course but gods were believed to be true back in that time. Leon and Jared traveled with their families remaining wealth they heard of a god... Mars the God of War. They traveled for four years meeting Mars at the age of eleven... Mars heard two boys in tears speak of how much they wished for immortality and that they would give it all for it. His question was.

"Immortality... If I give it to you, you two will owe me a favor that I will ask of you whenever I wish for it.... do you accept?"

Their only reply was a nod and "Yes... we will do anything you ask of us Mars". Mars set a hand on their heads and gave them the immortality, from that day forth neither of them could die from a stab of a blade so easily. Neither could die of sickness because their health was perfect. He took pity upon them and said he'd give them a gift for free.. He stated.

"You two remind me of my sons.... they were also twins Romulus and Remus. Fine boys both swore to love each other forever and to protect each other. I granted them this immortality I grant you and gave them the gift I give you. I made their sense of sight grow to see people's true intentions.... Their sense of smell grow to smell danger... Their sense of touch to feel their loved one and prove for themselves their love was true. I made their sense of hearing so they would hear the voice of reason and their sense of taste... so they would taste victory. I heightened their emotions and then... they turned on each other Romulus killed Remus And he took control of Rome."

The boys thanked him and moved on to better lives. As they came to age after two years of the gift they grew apart even though they were twins they grew apart their feelings towards each other lowered to the point of hate. Jared and Leon left each other sending Leon east and Jared west, splitting their wealth and leaving each other for centuries.

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