One Romeo, Two Juliets

September 3, 2008
By Ariadne President, Hazleton, PA

A thing of beauty is a joy forever;
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness.
~ ~John Keats. 1795-1821 Endymion. Book I

Love is but a rose, filled with beauty laden crimson. The more petals it has on it, the more romance would be afflicted upon the one soul that longs for kisses, a tight, warm embrace, and a happily ever after. And this romantic story of lovelorn romancers belongs to the one and only Cupid, who is a childlike deity that has the duty of embedding arrows into people's backs, making them vulnerable prey to romance for the first person whom they see.

But what if Cupid was in love, and Zeus tried to play matchmaker with Cupid, telling him to marry Aphrodite? This is the story of one Romeo and two Juliets, yet in this story there is no actual rivalries between two parties.

It was Valentine's Day up in the lofty, cloud cushioned heavens and Zeus had invited every god and goddess to this spectacular annual event. Repetitive whispers of "Won't you be mine, valentine?" were the only five words uttered from each of the lovebirds' mouths. Exquisite drinks that ranged from strawberry wine to champagne were there and there were a variety of cakes such as yellow cake, angel food cake, and devil food cake were there as well.

Cupid had tried to find a love for him during his walk in the heavens. Aside from helping others find the very comforts of life itself, a god of love like him had to find some passionate flame in his life. And upon his walk, he had spotted upon a woman of immense beauty.

Her hair was a smooth, unkempt, chocolate ----------- but it was short overall. The same went for her eyes, a silky gown of chiffon, and her skin was a beautiful albino white.
Cupid came to her, holding her hand in his and crouching in a Romeo Demetrius like fashion.

"Greetings, fair maiden. Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight, for I never saw true beauty till this day. Beauty is caught in the eye of the beholder. And that beauty, my delicate rose, is from you.

“I had looked upon your face. I wonder, was it ever carved by a group of angels? Hundreds of them, must I say? What be of thine name?" Cupid flirted with this alluring woman. Within a couple of seconds later, the two locked lips with each other.

The woman giggled, her voice to Cupid's ears was like the heavenly chorus of all of the celestial beings in the sky, singing simultaneously.

"Aphrodite, fair sir." she said back to him, giggling once more.

"Thy name be Cupid."

Cupid stood up, kissing her again, but within all the honesty of his soul, he really didn't love her ------------- he just kissed Aphrodite to keep himself away from the dark and cold clutches of the jail in the sky called Miserable Eternity --------------- a prison for those who have defied Zeus to spend their life in a miserable eternity there, thus living up to its name. He could still remember the coldness in Zeus voice when he said with a low hiss, "Marry Aphrodite or else..." with Cupid replying with a nervous "Y-yes your highness." and bowing down, before departing from Zeus's throne. Cupid back then wouldn’t desire to know what would happen next if he’d challenged the god of all gods.

But then, he’d seen one who at once acted against Zeus’s command and for his punishment, he was thrown into the Miserable Eternity, never to be heard of again. And that was Loki, the god of mischief. He’d always play pranks upon the other gods and he never cared what anyone said, not even if they were the boss of him.

The lateness of night had arrived. Cupid and Aphrodite were in the luminescent moonlight, with Aphrodite twirling her dress round and round. Aphrodite had closed her eyes, giggling at the fact of their newly-bonded relations during the dance. After the brief dance, Cupid had spotted upon yet another woman, who was even more beautiful than Aphrodite.

This one had golden locks and golden brown eyes, with a golden gown to match.

Cupid had truly loved this woman and had laid his eyes on this tantalizing woman. He sought out to find her the next day. But was Cupid willing enough to go against Zeus's demand? He just couldn’t help but love her, though….

It was the next day, and Cupid had seen the woman in a walking crowd of gods and goddesses going about their business. She was obvious from her bright strands of hair. Like when he met Aphrodite Cupid had again crouched into that same Romeo Demetrius like fashion.

"What be thy name, maiden?"

Her voice was like Aphrodite's, only higher and more angelic had responded with a slight giggle. Her skin however was a lighter albino than Aphrodite’s and a gown of burgundy.

"Anatheia, sir."

"Greetings Anatheia. I'm Cupid. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: One your golden hair, with the luster of amber waves of grain. Two, your golden brown eyes, with the serenity of a garnet. And three, your gold gown ------------- how lovely."

But little did he know, Zeus just to see if Cupid had carried out his order out, had seen him lusting not Aphrodite, but another woman. Cupid stood from his love speech, but only to see that Zeus had been angered by his actions, his face a bright red in response. Cupid had immediately seen the error of his ways.


Cupid had been thrown into the unnerving, steel confines of the Miserable Eternity, with enough time to think of what he had done wrong. Forever.

"Hath I be manipulated by such a cruel, cruel temptress while under her beautiful gaze and by her looks? I must have fallen into a web of deceit. She is pure yet, manipulative. Yet, I long to see Anatheia's smiling face one more time. Ahhh, parting is such sweet sorrow..." And Cupid lived happily never after….

The author's comments:
This is one of the first short stories that I have ever written. Please give good ratings and comments!

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