The Revolution of the Schools

September 1, 2008
By Jesse Ruiz, Mesa, AZ

It was a normal day like any other. Michael Cearson was walking to class when he saw his friend Johnny Tyson. Johnny and Michael were on the wrestling team together, so they knew each other kind of well. Both of them said hey and left on for the day. When Michael got to his class he realized Lucy wasn’t there. Then he got a text telling him to go outside. So he grabbed his backpack and snuck out. He sees her and her friends waiting outside with some other guys. They all walked back to the girl’s house. When they got there Lucy took Michael into her room. On his way back from her house he was he ran into some fat kid. “Watch where you’re going,” said Michael. Then the kid pulled out an Uzi and shot at Michael. Luckily, he got away and the kid yelled out “I’LL GET YOU WHEN IT’S DARK!” Michael had to go back to school because he left his wrestling gear back in science. When he walked in he saw the vice principal and one of his friends arguing over his bag. He whispered for his friend to bring his bag to him. The friend was still arguing with the vice principal and took the bag and gave it to Michael. Then one of the assistants saw Michael and said he had to go back to the office and explain why he left. She led him towards the office, but when she turned the corner he turned around and started to leave. But soon another teacher saw him leaving and said “Maybe you should go with her and not make it worse.” He agreed and started to walk back when the assistant came back around and was angry. “How dare you leave school like that you know this school is on a budget and if students start to leave then we lose funds when students leave. Funds for stuff like paintbrushes (they were in the art room)” she yelled. “So what we have enough paint brushes as it is there are like thirteen hundred here and fifteen hundred more in the art room. We have more then enough,” he argued. “So are you going to go against the leader of the school board,” she said. She pulled out a cell and called the school board leader. By now many students that were still there were now in the room listening. “Forget the leader of the school board. He has been making rules to keep kids in school and forcing them to work harder, it’s sickening. So from now on screw him, this school, and you. And if you agree with me then lets go.” Him and the rest of the students left out of one the doors. While he was leaving the same fat kid he saw walked up and pulled the gun out. He shot in the air and laughed as kids yelled and ran in all directions. Michael took off running as fast as he could. The fat kid shot at him but missed and hit a window. Michael dove through it but hit his leg on the metal frame. He started to limp as the fat kid caught up to him. Michael dove to try to get away but the fat kid dove too and landed on him. Both of them rolled, but when they both got up the fat kid had the gun in hand. He then smiled and said “I told you I’d get you when it’s dark.” After those words the kid pulled the trigger and shot Michael many times in the stomach and top of the legs. Michael had passed out when Johnny shaking him and telling him to wake up, awakened him. He got up and started to move with Johnny just trying to stay alive long enough to get to a hospital. A little ways from where he was he collapsed on the ground with blood now coming out of his mouth. The scene around him was that of mayhem. Kids were running everywhere the school was on fire and sirens could be heard for miles. Johnny tried to help him up, but Michael said, “It’s to late for me now just go and save yourself. Don’t let the school board take it back. We are the ones at school it is our school. We spend our days here, don’t let them take it back.” Reluctantly Johnny left but before he left Michael yelled at him. Johnny stopped and turned around to see Michael holding up his wrestling bag. He took it and ran off to turn the bag into a flag for the revolution of the schools.

The author's comments:
This was originally a dream. But i changed some of it. I'm thinking of expanding the idea.

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