A Glimpse

August 31, 2008
He sat on the same rigid pathway every twelve o'clock in the noon, only to catch a glimpse of her walking by. He'd sit under the striking sunlight, his features embodied by his own sweat. His eyes would rapidly blink under the sunlight but never move away from the path. The cement on the path would burn him as he sat, looking at each and every broken stone on the path, waiting for her to step over them. His heart would beat every second to catch a glimpse of her; her golden brown curls, her big blue eyes, her wide and beautiful smile; oh, how he wished to touch her only once! And finally, she would pass by, her heels clicking on the pavement. He smiled as she walked by, like he always did, admiring her untouched beauty. She would always walk by quickly, disappearing into the crowded world, far from his reach. But he would still sit there; from under the burning sunlight to the soothing moonlight; from the burning to chilly cements; only to catch a glimpse of her walk by again...

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