Invisible Forever

August 30, 2008
"Here, I'll do that problem if you finish the rest." He said with a slight smile. At the time I thought he was just being odd; surely one of the most popular guys in the school did not just start talking to me an invisible person. But he did more than talk to me. He was my partner in math class. He finished all of the equations I couldn't do even if it took him the rest of the hour. My MP3 would be taken hostage and have music blared out of it. Glasses which had disappeared had repapered in his hands or on his face at times. I was drilled on who I thought was hot and if I had a crush on a certain person. When I did not respond his answers became more personal and teasing. He did all of this with smiles or small jokes. I felt less invisible around him. Then the tables turned. Before Christmas break he asked me to go with him to the holiday dance and I ignored him. He was there, but part of him was invisible to me .Christmas break came, left, and school returned once more. Now I was ready to return to the fun and flirty-ness of those school days. I found those days were long gone. I became invisible to him once more. He became less invisible to me. My vision had cleared too late. Now with my clearer sight I must watch him with other girls who are prettier and more interesting. Now I am forever damned to watch as I follow their leisurely stroll, completely and eternally invisible

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