Wishful Thinking

August 30, 2008
By Autumn Werle, Brady, TX

"You'll never catch me!" She cried over her shoulder as she pushed through the foliage. Her heartbeat was beating like a drum as he feet carried her even farther through the forest. She lept over rocks, fallen limbs, and puddles that she and Cloe had caught frogs in during this last summer. With a quick movement of her legs that sent the leaves sprawling sporattically here and there in the wind, she retreated behind a tree. She coarse bark beneath her fingers seemed to tremble as she was. She heard a giggle and rustle come from behind her. Melanie peeked around the tree slowly.
Hiding in the bushes was Cloe who couldn't be seen by her friend, but she had noticed the strand of hair blowing into view. She tip toed over, careful not to crunch any leaves underfoot. "Gotcha!" She yelled as she tagged her friend, Cloe screamed in surprise. Then she tripped over a tree root and began to tumble down the small slope taking Melanie with her.
An erruption of laughter came after that, echoing through the acres of land their family owned. This was the way it was supposed to be all the time, every day, forever. . . perfect. After a few quiet moments, Cloe broke the silence, "Mel," she said, "Why does school have to start every year?"
"I know, I ask myself the same thing," Melanie answered with no enthusiasm. "It's sad that break is over." Her voice trailed off as she began to twirl a piece of dark hair in between her fingers.
Cloe sat up, "Do you think that when we are finally out of school it will feel more fair?"
Melanie pushed herself onto her elbows and huffed. They stared out into the expanse as she gave the question some thought. "I don't know. . . I'd like to think so." She knew the answer, it wouldn't get easier. Summer was the best they were gonna get before they had to face the real world. Any other explaination would be wishful thinking.

The author's comments:
When i was little i used to think that school was the hardest part of life. That was until i began to learn about the joys of laundry, dishes, exams, jobs, taxes, poverty, etc. When we are little it's nice that you at times have the option to be blissfully unaware of these things but afterward when you awaken from your own world you face the real world. That's what wishful thinking is all about.

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